Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Goal or Not To Goal?

Last year was my first year ever to do monthly goals, and I truly think that 2010 was the most productive year of my life! Haha!

2010 Monthly Goals:

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I would say that the biggest thing I did this last year that I've never done before was READ - I read 33 books this year! I read the Narnia series, finished Harry Potter, and read every Denise Hunter book I could get my hands on. Reading has never been my "thing" but I really enjoyed pushing myself to make it a habit.

Even though the year was super productive, I felt like near the end I was really struggling to come up with monthly goals. Like I was just doing it because I felt like I should, not because I was really motivated to. I feel like I may need to take some time off from the goals - or maybe make some more general goals for the year that I specify at different times...

So the question is - to goal or not goal?


  1. i think we should talk about this tomorrow at lunch :) because goals are great and i love seeing your goals. I set goals for myself but have never posted them on a blog. maybe we could both do that together this year? maybe the resolution should be not to put anything that's an obvious thing in the goal list (other than the obvious "have my baby" which you'll need to post!).

    so maybe goals should be bigger. maybe we could both shoot for some bigger goals! i'm trying to. usually I get on kicks and get things done I didn't even know were on my goal list. :)

  2. 33 books! That's awesome! I'm really proud of you! (Can I say that because I know you've never really been a big reader?!)I'm going to have to check Denise Hunter out... any suggestions for me to start on?

  3. Go for the goals! Your awesomeness of posting yours helped me muster up the courage to post mine! :P


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