Thursday, July 24, 2008

My little family...

I know that you are all falling out of your seats right now at the fact that I have posted TWICE today. Well pick yourself back up and check this out. This is the company I have been working for since December, but now I am a full time, big girl in the Sales department as a "Walmart Category Manager". (Yeah, I'm a pretty big deal. I have business cards, if you want one.)

This is a picture of most of the brands/products that we have at Chattem, so you should buy them!! :)

That's all for now!!

THE Batman.

Okay, so this movie was AWESOME, by the way. Jason and I saw it this weekend and we loved it DESPITE all the hype. We were so afraid it wasn't going to live up to expectation, since the media had made such a big deal about it, but it was really good. Honestly, I'm gonna say it wasn't as good as Iron Man, but that's just my opinion. But then again, Iron Man wasn't hyped like crazy like the Dark Knight was, so we weren't ready for how awesome it really was.

So anyway, Heath Ledger was great in this movie - sooooo creepy, but a little humor at times. My mom heard an interview where someone was reviewing the movie and they said that Heath played the role of the Joker the way it was intended to be played. Not goofy, court jester crazy, but seriously disturbed, creepy crazy.

My BIGGEST issue with the movie, (other than the depressing parts, but I won't go there), was that they called Batman, "the Batman" EVERY SINGLE TIME they talked about him!! What in the world?? I guess there's some reason for this, obviously, or they wouldn't have written the script like that, but seriously? Every time? His name is Batman, he is not the Bat man.

Whew. It feels good to get that out. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the So Called "Real World"

Hello all!! I have had a hard time updating this, because I was so used to doing it every day when I worked in my old position. Basically I had very little to do every day and I could spend 30-45 minutes writing a clever, witty, and exciting post. (Okay, maybe not all that.) Anyway, now that I have a big girl job, I have like ZERO time to post on here!! I have been learning and training and reporting and all kinds of stuff! And I try to take my full lunch hour AWAY from my desk so I can feel like I got a good break. So if I don't do it during the day, I say I'll do it that night, then in the evenings I always forget.

The "Real World" is definitely great, I'll give it that. I'm loving the "real world" paycheck, not so much the "real world" - "oh honey, you have a full time job, you can pay for your own car to be fixed" conversation, that one is a bummer. But alas, I have to prove myself worthy to my dad so that someday he will feel that I am ready to grow up and have a certain someone whisk me away and live in a house where my room is bigger than a closet. Ahh... until then. :)

P.S. ALEX WALKER IS MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! Ow ow!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The funny thing about this post is that there aren't going to be any pictures! Haha! FOOLED YOU!!

But seriously, there aren't. Because I'm at work. And pictures of all your friends and your hot boyfriend aren't really considered something you should have on your desktop. Sure, maybe people sneak them in and use up computer space. Not me, no hooo, not me.

Well, okay, so maybe one reason I can't get any pictures on here is because I can't access Facebook at work. Bumsville. Though if I did I might spend all my time on there getting my profile "just right", which I just can't seem to do. Anyway, since I don't have pictures, I will write 1,000 words for every picture I would have posted.

First of all the most beautiful AMAZINGLY gorgeous wedding was this weekend!!! Oh man, the pictures don't even do it justice. (I'm sure that Kerma's pictures will, though!) Things couldn't have gone more smoothly. The bride and groom were both stunning and so obviously in love. It was such a testimony of God's timing in our lives and how if we will accept it and wait on Him, the rewards will far outweigh the time we spent waiting! (Preaching to myself here...)

Oh also, the night before was (obviously) the Rehersal Dinner and I was SOOOOO excited to see the Towns!!! (by the way, we should hound LT to make a blog... hmm...) I was walking around holding Ellie, and Josie was a little upset that I wasn't holding her too. So my big strong self decided that I'd just carry both of them. (Mind you, it's been a year since I've seen them, and well... they've grown.) I moved Ellie over to my right side and said, "Do you think I can pick both of you up?" to which she said, "...Probably not." Then I had to prove it. I bent down to get Josie and got her abot 2 inches off the ground before toppling forward (in a dress and heels) and busting my knee. (NOTE: Neither of the Towns girls were harmed in the making of this story.) The ginormous strawberry/bruise on my knee not only hurt like the dickens, but it also made my "1st time I've never had bug bites or other scabs covering my legs in the summer" legs, tainted. (Is anyone still with me?) Luckily for me, our bridesmaid dresses were just a little longer than the knee, so no one had to endure looking at my nasty leg during the ceremony. Because I'm sure they would have pointed and gawked...

After the ceremony and super fun reception, a group of CVP friends went to Outback for dinner. We got to sit at the "grown-ups table", as Todd called it, with the Rocha's, (future) Geyer's, Kristin, and E.Wray. It was lots of fun chatting and eating tons of food, and all of us had the bind of camp to bring us together.

We left there to go to see, dare I say it, Hellboy 2 with Becca and Keith and ran into Jason's brother and his fiance while we were there. It was funny and somewhat action packed, though I'm pretty sure the previews were the WORST part. Scary movies, like whoa.

This is getting to be ridiculously long, but I had one more thing to say. The BF and I watched a movie last night that I wasn't too thrilled to be watching, but was very much surprised at how much I loved it! We watched Live Free or Die Hard. Now I've never seen any of the other Die Hard movies, so I didn't really know what to expect other than lots of violence and bad language, but actually, the language wasn't terrible, and the violence wasn't gory. You should watch it. It would make your male significant other happy, if you have one.

That's all. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Extreme Work Makeover: Cubicle Edition

Okay, so not TOO extreme... but it made for a good title.

Let me help you remember the BEFORE:

Well, this is the AFTER:

Here is a shot of my beautiful cube. Complete with ridiculously huge moniter, super comfy chair, loads of pictures, and all my pink and green accessories.

Ooooooh... Ahhhhhh...

Cute tins I found at IKEA, a Happy Meal toy that happens to match, and the three cool swirly vases holding my "lucky bamboo," as it's called. It'll be lucky if it doesn't die.

Fun little calendar, my m&m mug (look for the AWESOME m&m jar in the main picture - Jason got it me for Christmas and it holds 6 lbs. of peanut butter m&m-y goodness), and all my cool shiny black office supplies.

I'm waiting on Jason's camera card so that I can have some huge photos of some of the awesome landscapes from Canada. That'll brighten up the walls a little more. I don't want it to get TOO crazy, but it's always nicer to make it your own when you're going to spend 40 hours a week in the thing.

Any more suggestions??? :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Run, run, as fast as you can!

A few weeks ago, Hunee and the Falconess began discussing their newest adventure of training for a half marathon in December. Well, well, well. I can't run. Period. End of discussion. Never have, never will. I joined the track team in middle school because my friend Kristie did, and cried when I realized that I'd have to run every day. (Then they told me to do the high jump and I stopped crying and kissed their feet for not making me run anymore.)

Anyway, today at work Krystal and Charla ran 3 miles during our lunch hour and came back all excited about what they had done. Charla is an avid runner, planning to do a marathon in April, but Krystal hadn't done much running in the past. So as they were talking about it more, I realized that I could go with them every once in a while... if I wanted to, ya know. "Alright then, girlfriend!" said Charla excitedly. "Get-cho runnin' shoes and get ready!" (By the way, Charla is an awesome, super fun, bubbly woman, I'd say in her 40's or so, and no she's not black, even though I made her sound that way. You'd just have to know her.) <-- that's in case Rachel is reading this and tells on me.

So guess what I'm doing Friday? Me and Alexis (who also isn't thrilled about the concept of running) are joining them to run at the Nature Center. Who would have ever thought that I would willingly go running?!

Wanna join us, Hunee?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Promised Pictures

Here is my beautiful cubicle. Well, the before anyway. The after is soon on its way!

Sweet fireworks from tonight. Sam (aka "the Fireman") had a few left over from the weekend and these 2 are some cool shots I got.

Alex's bridemaid's brunch!! (Debra, Hayley, me, Vanessa, the beautiful bride, and her future sister Lindsey)

The golf cart parade on Saturday in Jason's neighborhood.

Running into Brad and Emily at the party on 7/5!

My future sisters - oh wait, did I just say that?!

Fireworks from the block party.

More to come later!!!!!!!

Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'!

Oh wow, that makes me think of Gill (aka Kaitlin) from camp last year!! Hahah. If you haven't seen any of those SNL videos, you should. (I searched for stuff on YouTube, but I'm at work, so I'll have to post the link later.)

Okay, so actually, I'm working 8-5, not 9-5. (Yes, I lied in the title.) And work has been GREAT! I'm really enjoying it a ton. I have this big thick manual, which should scare me to death, but actually it's like my favorite thing. It will definitely be my life line in this job. They are SOOOO organized which I love, so I have a list of goals for my first week, first month, and first 6 months, as well as daily and weekly to-dos. And since I love routine and consistency, I am all about it!!

I took a before picture of my office (I'll post later) but I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to post my after because I need to bring my plants in to "complete the look". I spent a chunk of money at IKEA for my cube and my room last week, but I still feel like the cube is lacking a bit. I think I'm going to take one of Jason's AMAAAAZING pictures from Canada, blow it up, and put it on one wall. I also still have to order some office supplies from here (letter sorter, in and out box, etc.) so that will take up some more space too.

I also will make sure and post a picture of my NEW ROOM!! WHOO HOO!! Okay, so my room isn't new, just a bunch of stuff in it is new. New bed, new sheets, new comforter, new pillows, new bedside tables, new lamps, new other super cool things I can't think of... Well you'll see soon enough. We didn't end up painting, which is kind of a bummer, but I really don't care at this point. (Hopefully I'll move out soon anyway!)

I had a great time this weekend, other than being SUPER sick on the 4th. I got to go to the parade with Dash that morning and then got really sick that afternoon and my migraine stayed with me until I finally went to sleep at midnight. Sadly missing the Signal fireworks show and hanging out with the fam/future Geyers. Saturday, though, I woke up totally refreshed and ready to go to Alex's bridesmaid's brunch! (I promise I'll post pics for this too!) Then later that day, Jason came up to the house and my ATL relatives came over, then the 2 of us went to his neighborhood's HUGE block party and ran into Emily and Brad! It was tons of fun and I'm really glad I was feeling well enough to go!

Well, that's all for now. Like I said, I promise to post pictures, hopefully tonight but definitely by tomorrow so you can all know what's going on in my life! You know, all 5 of you that read this.


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