Thursday, July 24, 2008

My little family...

I know that you are all falling out of your seats right now at the fact that I have posted TWICE today. Well pick yourself back up and check this out. This is the company I have been working for since December, but now I am a full time, big girl in the Sales department as a "Walmart Category Manager". (Yeah, I'm a pretty big deal. I have business cards, if you want one.)

This is a picture of most of the brands/products that we have at Chattem, so you should buy them!! :)

That's all for now!!

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  1. sarah my guin,

    i would LOVE a business card, and i'll be sure to get you one of mine when i get them at church. if i get them... um... also, thanks for posting a list of those products, because we'll totally buy them now.
    i love you!


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