Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The funny thing about this post is that there aren't going to be any pictures! Haha! FOOLED YOU!!

But seriously, there aren't. Because I'm at work. And pictures of all your friends and your hot boyfriend aren't really considered something you should have on your desktop. Sure, maybe people sneak them in and use up computer space. Not me, no hooo, not me.

Well, okay, so maybe one reason I can't get any pictures on here is because I can't access Facebook at work. Bumsville. Though if I did I might spend all my time on there getting my profile "just right", which I just can't seem to do. Anyway, since I don't have pictures, I will write 1,000 words for every picture I would have posted.

First of all the most beautiful AMAZINGLY gorgeous wedding was this weekend!!! Oh man, the pictures don't even do it justice. (I'm sure that Kerma's pictures will, though!) Things couldn't have gone more smoothly. The bride and groom were both stunning and so obviously in love. It was such a testimony of God's timing in our lives and how if we will accept it and wait on Him, the rewards will far outweigh the time we spent waiting! (Preaching to myself here...)

Oh also, the night before was (obviously) the Rehersal Dinner and I was SOOOOO excited to see the Towns!!! (by the way, we should hound LT to make a blog... hmm...) I was walking around holding Ellie, and Josie was a little upset that I wasn't holding her too. So my big strong self decided that I'd just carry both of them. (Mind you, it's been a year since I've seen them, and well... they've grown.) I moved Ellie over to my right side and said, "Do you think I can pick both of you up?" to which she said, "...Probably not." Then I had to prove it. I bent down to get Josie and got her abot 2 inches off the ground before toppling forward (in a dress and heels) and busting my knee. (NOTE: Neither of the Towns girls were harmed in the making of this story.) The ginormous strawberry/bruise on my knee not only hurt like the dickens, but it also made my "1st time I've never had bug bites or other scabs covering my legs in the summer" legs, tainted. (Is anyone still with me?) Luckily for me, our bridesmaid dresses were just a little longer than the knee, so no one had to endure looking at my nasty leg during the ceremony. Because I'm sure they would have pointed and gawked...

After the ceremony and super fun reception, a group of CVP friends went to Outback for dinner. We got to sit at the "grown-ups table", as Todd called it, with the Rocha's, (future) Geyer's, Kristin, and E.Wray. It was lots of fun chatting and eating tons of food, and all of us had the bind of camp to bring us together.

We left there to go to see, dare I say it, Hellboy 2 with Becca and Keith and ran into Jason's brother and his fiance while we were there. It was funny and somewhat action packed, though I'm pretty sure the previews were the WORST part. Scary movies, like whoa.

This is getting to be ridiculously long, but I had one more thing to say. The BF and I watched a movie last night that I wasn't too thrilled to be watching, but was very much surprised at how much I loved it! We watched Live Free or Die Hard. Now I've never seen any of the other Die Hard movies, so I didn't really know what to expect other than lots of violence and bad language, but actually, the language wasn't terrible, and the violence wasn't gory. You should watch it. It would make your male significant other happy, if you have one.

That's all. :)


  1. remember when you used to come to my body sculpting class and we'd sit for an hour afterward's on the exercise balls and talk...i miss that...i'm glad you're blogging. I can know what's going on with you all now.

    oh, and I think less of you all for watching HellBoy. I'm going to rent Step Up 2 tonight though, so I don't know what that says of me...

    miss you!

  2. FOUND YOU!!! bwahaha....thanks for linking me, friend. i shall link you now.


  3. sweet! i made it into a post:)

    sitting at the grown up table was lots of fun. who knew being so adult could be so enriching? i'm trying to think of one grown up thing we talked about...

    hellboy on the other hand did not quite live up to my expectations...and they were pretty low. though, it was definitely entertaining, and i'm glad it was with you and jason:)


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