Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the So Called "Real World"

Hello all!! I have had a hard time updating this, because I was so used to doing it every day when I worked in my old position. Basically I had very little to do every day and I could spend 30-45 minutes writing a clever, witty, and exciting post. (Okay, maybe not all that.) Anyway, now that I have a big girl job, I have like ZERO time to post on here!! I have been learning and training and reporting and all kinds of stuff! And I try to take my full lunch hour AWAY from my desk so I can feel like I got a good break. So if I don't do it during the day, I say I'll do it that night, then in the evenings I always forget.

The "Real World" is definitely great, I'll give it that. I'm loving the "real world" paycheck, not so much the "real world" - "oh honey, you have a full time job, you can pay for your own car to be fixed" conversation, that one is a bummer. But alas, I have to prove myself worthy to my dad so that someday he will feel that I am ready to grow up and have a certain someone whisk me away and live in a house where my room is bigger than a closet. Ahh... until then. :)

P.S. ALEX WALKER IS MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! Ow ow!!

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