Sarah (that's me!) - recovering Dr. Pepper addict, lover of music, follower of Christ, picky eater, dabbler in graphic design, organized wannabe, list-maker extraordinaire, photography newbie, happily married newlywed, abundantly blessed mommy to 2 sweet boys.

Hubby - giver of compliments, eater of anything, my own personal vacation planner, comedian when I need it, greatest listener, best friend, lover of history, puts up with ME, family man, supporter of all I do, and the BEST daddy to our sweet baby boys.

Jack - born 7/1/11, always talking (watch what you say - he'll repeat it!), loves to eat anything, smartest 2 yr old I know, almost ALWAYS happy, great singer, sweetheart to his baby brother

Miller - born 2/18/13, raspberry blower, roller-over, slow to smile at a stranger, quick to squeal at his daddy, face grabber, and crazy about his big brother

And this is my blog!
Where I ramble about life as a newlywed/new mommy:

However you found me, I'm so glad that you're here! 

Sarah's got SKilLs
Embracing life's joys & learning new SKilLs along the way.

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