Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 14 and a Room Tour

They tried to throw off my routine this morning. ;) I got put on the NST monitor around 7:30/8, then breakfast came, and usually they have been doing my ultrasound around 8 or so, sometimes a little earlier than that. 8 came, 9 came, 10 came, and finally at 11 they came and got me! CRAZY!

Luckily it didn't mess up my visitor time! Lindsay came by to hang out, and she brought these ADORABLE burp cloths and towel set! Eek!!

Then I went for my ultrasound (a couple of fluid pockets, one 1.9 pocket, still good), we discussed the upcoming fetal lung testing (which will be tomorrow), and I got the ever so wonderful "Your baby looks great!" comments. 

Then headed back to my room and my sweet friend Katie McKenna brought me lunch from Purple Daisy! I haven't seen Katie in several years, so it was great to catch up on what's going on with her.

Then Katie Edgemon stopped by (she works here) and it was great to talk with her too! I told her that Cara was bringing me Typhoon for dinner, and we shared our love for that glorious place. (And they have broccoli in their veggies now AND they give fortune cookies?! I don't deal well with change!!

Then Cara came and brought dinner, cookies, and a HUGE bag of gifts for Gracie girl. YOU SPOIL US, CARA!!! 

Jason got here with the boys and we all hung out and ate dinner together. Then we went out to the courtyard area and let the boys RUUUUUUUUN some energy out. 

Okay, I promised a room tour! Here we go!

I told you the other day that I've been hoarding salt and sugar. It's worse than that.

 Here's the top of my fridge, which is basically my pantry.

And here is where I store ALL my soy milks! :) I really do drink them, they just give me so many every day!  

And here's my little art gallery with pictures from Jack and Miller, and the purple painting is from sweet Bryan Ballard.

Then here's my little girly section, with the AMAZING butterfly canvas my mom painted for Grace's room (SWOON!!!), flowers from friends and family, movies, and the adorable balloon door hanger that Emily Geyer made for Gracie girl!

Here's my bed and "blogging station". 

Computer and monitors where they record Grace's heart rate. When doctors come in to check on me, (my OB or others from her practice, the high risk docs/residents, etc.) they always look at the paper that's coming out of the printer, see her most recent NST and say "Well, your baby looks beautiful!" It cracks me up because they are looking at a wavy line when they make that statement. I'm like, I know she's beautiful, and her heart rate looks good too! :)

My little sink area with my diffuser running, of course. 

I had Lavender & Lime going today. Mmmmm... Other favorites to diffuse have been Thieves & Orange, Gentle Baby, and RC. 

And my "bedside table" complete with chapstick, ALL my oils, tissues, tums, hand sanitizer...

And a panoramic shot from the bed. THIS is my view all day. :)

Jason and I got a quick tour of the NICU tonight, where Grace will be spending a lot of time in the coming weeks/months. I had been under the impression that she might get to go home as early as 35 weeks (at 3 weeks old), but the NICU nurse we talked to gently encouraged me to think more towards her due date, which is May 7th. It's hard to face the reality that she may be here for several months, and hard to know what my day to day life will be, juggling being at home with the boys and spending lots of time with Grace. 

Please pray for the testing we'll do tomorrow, that will determine what happens over the next week. Also pray that I would cast my cares on the Lord, take each day one at a time, and TRY not to stress over the unknowns of tomorrow. Thank you all for your love and support as we have walked this road! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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