Sunday, March 1, 2015

30 Weeks Pregnant - Day 1 in the Hospital

Well, this has been a wild morning! My water broke at 7am and I started having contractions shortly after. I'm 30 weeks today, so little miss Grace is trying to make a reeeeally early appearance. 

The goal is to keep me pregnant for 48 more hours so that the baby will get the steroid and have a little more time for lung development. My contractions have slowed down some and I'm not in a ton of pain. We are just in waiting mode right now!

God has had His hands around our precious Grace from the very beginning, and we know that none of this is coming as a surprise to Him.  We appreciate your prayers as we wait!

"Popsicle #5. Thankful for popsicles, praying for broth & jello, contractions have stopped 🙌, still have NO VOICE and can only whisper, God is good and Grace is safe." 
"Food, blessed food!! A pb&j, fruit cup, animal crackers, and Sprite. It made me SOOOO happy to see it, but honestly, I can hardly eat it. (Magnesium does some weird and woozy things to me!!)" 

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