Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 6

Woke up from another decent night of sleep to do monitoring on baby girl. Everything continues to look great. Katie came by early on in the day and I hadn't been to my ultrasound yet, so she came with me when they came to get me! I'm glad she did because I ended up sitting over there waiting for like 25 minutes and I would have missed the whole time she could be here. 

The ultrasound was with a new high risk doctor, Dr. Lam, and he just reiterated what Dr. Adair had been telling us for a couple days, so it was good to hear from yet ANOTHER person, that Grace is doing great and we have nothing to worry about.

Then Emily and Lawson came by and hung out for a bit! It was so good to see Em because I feel like it has been weeks since we've been able to hang out. She brought some adorable burp cloths and door hanger (that I will get pictures of in the daylight), and we just talked for a while. After she left, Vanessa stopped by with her friend/colleague Erin, then Patricia brought me a yummy Panera lunch! 

Later on, Mom brought the boys again and they had a picnic in my room! Miller was less apprehensive today and came straight over to push buttons on my bed. Haha!

We went on another field trip to go see Aunt Nessa at her office (she works here at the hospital). The boys loved seeing her fish...

...and looking out the window at where the helicopters land. 

They were working really hard.

I was really wiped out by the time we got back to my room, so Mom and the boys headed out and I took a nap. They put Grace on the monitors about 4pm, and I slept on and off for that hour or so. Jason came by real quick right after work and then he headed up to my parents house to have dinner and hang out with the boys.

They FaceTimed me while they were up there, and again - the boys were SUPER silly. Jack kept telling me to smell his feet and sticking them up in front of the screen. They are such goofballs, I have no idea where they get that. :)

So I've been watching a lot of HGTV, especially the Fixer Upper marathon that's been going on today. Now I'm just waiting until 11 when they will put Gracie girl on the monitor again and then I can go to SLEEP!

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