Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 13

I had a lot of sweet visitors today! My Uncle Steve and Aunt Laquada stopped by this morning and it was great to catch up with them. Then Debra came by WITH Baby Kate!!! Eeeek!

She is just too precious. Grace kept kicking her. :)

Then Allison and Tina brought me Firehouse (yum!) and my mom came. It was great to sit and chit chat and dream about the very near future when Piper and Grace will be here!

Then Mom and I got to have some great time alone together! We found the 3rd floor courtyard, and then wandered around the gift shop (sans kiddos!). It was nice to just hang out with her and get full sentences in! Haha!

Then, despite the construction that is happening LITERALLY above my head... I was able to get a quick nap in, and then my other Uncle Steve and Aunt Holly came by! We talked for a bit and then Miss Trish from church came with a bag of sweet gifts for me. THEN Jason came with the boys, and Vanessa stopped by soon after that! Lots of friends today!!

Me and my boys went down to have some Chick Fil A for dinner.
(Boys were not drinking coffee. Coffee cups are holding water.)

Then it was time for some silly face selfies.

I got to show the boys the 3rd floor courtyard area but it was a little drizzly and I just knew that one of them would fall and bust, but luckily they didn't. But you can tell from this picture that they were going going gone running around in this place.

Every day is one day closer to meeting our Gracie girl! 

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