Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Goals - How'd I Do?

Is it the end of March already?? Here's how I did for the month!
*Read 2 books {I did finish HP5: The Order of the Phoenix, but I'm sticking to the reading plan for So Long Insecurity from the LPM blog, so it'll be a few more weeks on that one}
*Write 2 letters to our sponsored kids
*Celebrate Jason's 26th b'day! We had a great time! And here too!
*Go to lunch with 2 friends this month I went with Em. G. here and I had lunch with Em. T yesterday while she was in town!

*Participate in two photography challenges at {FAIL - I did add these photos to M3B's site, which I plan to keep doing in the future}
*Create layout for small garden Whoo hoo! Now to actually do it!!

*Create layout/floorplan for kitchen "update/remodel"! {I have done this, but I'm not quite ready to show you yet! Soon - very soon!}

*Meal plan for at least 2 weeks Here and here
*One new recipe yucky orange chicken and yummy truffle brownies

*Go for another water only week
*Use pedometer to determine current daily steps, {here} then create a goal for increasing # of steps each day {yeah, didn't do this the whole month... but I did have two 5,000+ days!}

Check back tomorrow for my April goals!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zach Wamp for Governor!

Last night Jason and I went to a dinner for Zach Wamp at the Chattanoogan.

Here we are with the FUTURE GOVERNOR Zach Wamp!
I knew I wanted to vote for Wamp, but now I know why I'm going to vote for him. Go to Zach Wamp's website to read about his 20/20 Vision for Tennessee!

Casting Crowns was the musical guest for the night... wow. I had tears in my eyes when they played "Praise You In This Storm". They were FANTASTIC and we got autographs and pictures.
Mark Hall of Casting Crowns!!!
Megan Garrett

We had such an amazing time! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gotta Love "Linner"

We just had the yummiest "linner" meal (lunch-dinner) at my parents house. Ham, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, fried corn, and crescent rolls. Oh it was sooooooo good.

Followed by an AMAZING cookie cake in honor of the birthday boy!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Husband!

Happy Birthday, my darling!!
I hope you have the best 26th birthday ever!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Snookerton - Revisited

I was so incredibly excited that PW's website has FINALLY created Photoshop Elements actions!! Goodness gracious, I could have stayed up until 2 o'clock last night messing with them! Here are some of my favorites from PW's Action Sets 1 and 2:


"Fresh Color"



"Seventies" - this one is funny because, c'mon - how much more 70s can our couch get??

"Soft Faded"


I thought the vintage action was so awesome that I tried it on another photo and I love the effect!!

Doesn't it look like some old newspaper clipping that your great-grandmother saved? So cool.

I will be spending too much time this weekend playing with these actions.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Very Own Love Language

We have our own language.

Well, not a full language, but many words and phrases that would mean nothing to the average individual, but make the Guins and my little Lawhorn family smile.

kanks = thanks
kachins = popcorn
moke-a-toe = remote control
wez my pow-weilscar = "where's my power wheels car?" the best quote ever*

But the one we use the most often is: wabee.

I know that Alex knows the hidden meaning behind this weird sounding word. We wrote it at the end of our "thank you" on the back of our wedding programs. Jason and I say it throughout the day, in texts, and at the end of phone calls.
Wabee means "I Love You".

These words came from my little brother's vocabulary when he was a baby. All kids seem to have their own words for things, and we let Nick call things by his own words for as long as we possibly could. Then when he stopped - we all kept going! Now he's 12 and will die of embarassment if he reads this. Love you bro.

Does your family have special words or phrases that no one else would understand?

*At Christmas when Nick was probably 3-4, he desperately wanted a power wheels car - the one you can ride around the yard on. We had finished opening all of our "under the tree" gifts from Santa and out of NOWHERE, Nick stopped what he was doing, and with tears in his eyes he said "Wez my pow-weilscar?" We, of course, knew exactly what he meant - it was the only thing he wanted that year and he thought he didn't get it (since it was hidden out of sight in the kitchen). Then my dad told him to check around the house and when he found it, a grin spread across his tiny little face and the waterworks immediately stopped. "My pow-weiscar!!" he exclaimed with glee. We have it all on video - it's priceless.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getaway: Part 3

(Read about Parts 1 and 2 here)

Welcome to the final part of our weekend getaway! And, if I may say so, the best part.

We stayed the night at the beautiful Monteagle Inn!
(sorry for the crooked picture... we were actually still driving in this one)
Here's the picture from the website.
And at night:

Here is our room - the Fiery Gizzard Room. :)

We really enjoyed our stay there, the staff was great and the food was yummy. It was a very cool atmosphere.

Then we had dinner at the SUPER COOL High Point Restaurant.

Samantha and her family have recommended it to us over the years, but this was our first chance to go. It was such a neat looking place! We had dinner in the top left hand room, it was like a sunroom. And then when it got dark, all that was lit up in there were the candles on our tables! (A little too dark, but no one asked me.)

Our attempt at a self portrait - "Hurry! Before the battery dies!" Then I had to turn it off. Jason said "huh?" :)
(and when did my bangs grow out?)

He got french onion soup.

And I got lobster bisque. (I know, right?) They were both yummy, but I didn't eat a ton of mine so I could save room for...

My main course - mashed potatoes and the "Queen's New York Strip". I didn't get a picture of Jason's (maybe because he was getting slightly embarassed that I had to take pictures of everything - love you babe!). He got the "High Point Oscar" which was a filet with crab meat on top and bearnaise sauce. Mmmmmm.

We had such a fantastic weekend!! HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY JASON! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getaway: Part 2

Also on Saturday, we drove through the campus at Sewanee. It was absolutely gorgeous! Neither of us had been there before and we were blown away by the beautiful architecture.

Check out these buildings:

I think I would like to live here, thankyouverymuch.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Getaway: Part 1

We had such a fun weekend! We went just an hour or so away to the Monteagle/Sewanee area and stayed the night on Saturday. Below are some of the pictures we took on our little getaway!

{the actual Tims Ford Dam}

"C'mon, babe - you can do it!"

It was REALLY HIGH!! I freaked out a little bit.

Check back tomorrow for more pictures from our trip!


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