Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lunch and Dinner

On Saturday night, Jason and I decided to go to Carrabbas for dinner. We walked in (45 minute wait, of course) and ran into (Jason's cousin) Paula and Scott! We chit-chatted while we were waiting to be seated, and then when their name was called they asked if we wanted to join them, so of course we did! We had a great time with them! Paula is such an amazing Christian woman, and the Lord comes up in most any conversation you have with her. We love them so much!!

Yesterday I got to eat lunch with Emily at Mr. T's! It had been too long since our last lunch, and I'm so glad we could fit it in! She helped me dream-remodel our kitchen and we talked about everything else under the sun. I'm truly thankful for friends like Emily, that I can go for weeks at a time without seeing, but we can always pick back up where we left off. :)

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