Friday, March 12, 2010

Pedometer Improvements

Hello friends! Last week I told you about my mission of increasing my steps each day, using my iPod's built in pedometer to monitor my daily activity. I started out averaging about 2,500 steps each day (25% of what you are supposed to do, just FYI) so let's see how week #2 turned out when my goal was to average 3,000 steps.

Total Steps by Day
Friday: 3,578 steps
Saturday: 2,479 steps
Sunday: 2,765 steps
Monday: 2,365 steps
Tuesday: 3,513 steps
Wednesday: 1,701 steps (whoops...)
Thursday: 3,980 steps (whoo hoo!)

Total Average Steps for Week 2: 2,912 steps

Not too bad for my first week of increases and pretty close to the original goal! :) Now, of course I would rather have had more 3,000 step days instead of fluctuating as much as I did, but it's a start, right?
Week 1: 2,500
Week 2: 3,000
Week 3: 3,500
Week 4: 4,000

Anyone else have fitness goals they are working to achieve?

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