Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Very Own Love Language

We have our own language.

Well, not a full language, but many words and phrases that would mean nothing to the average individual, but make the Guins and my little Lawhorn family smile.

kanks = thanks
kachins = popcorn
moke-a-toe = remote control
wez my pow-weilscar = "where's my power wheels car?" the best quote ever*

But the one we use the most often is: wabee.

I know that Alex knows the hidden meaning behind this weird sounding word. We wrote it at the end of our "thank you" on the back of our wedding programs. Jason and I say it throughout the day, in texts, and at the end of phone calls.
Wabee means "I Love You".

These words came from my little brother's vocabulary when he was a baby. All kids seem to have their own words for things, and we let Nick call things by his own words for as long as we possibly could. Then when he stopped - we all kept going! Now he's 12 and will die of embarassment if he reads this. Love you bro.

Does your family have special words or phrases that no one else would understand?

*At Christmas when Nick was probably 3-4, he desperately wanted a power wheels car - the one you can ride around the yard on. We had finished opening all of our "under the tree" gifts from Santa and out of NOWHERE, Nick stopped what he was doing, and with tears in his eyes he said "Wez my pow-weilscar?" We, of course, knew exactly what he meant - it was the only thing he wanted that year and he thought he didn't get it (since it was hidden out of sight in the kitchen). Then my dad told him to check around the house and when he found it, a grin spread across his tiny little face and the waterworks immediately stopped. "My pow-weiscar!!" he exclaimed with glee. We have it all on video - it's priceless.


  1. david and i say "luju"... thats our "i love you"

  2. wabee to you my wonderful friend :) that word is so special!

  3. Most people that hear me talk to my sisters thinks that we're crazy. We speak in partial German/english....We always say "Ich liebe dich" (I love you in German), du bist.. (you are...), danke bit (a very poor translation of thank you) and we call each other "Burger" or "Dearie". I love it, especially that it's something that only we understand...even if we sound crazy!

  4. Tyler and I do hand signals more than words. We have one for I-love-you and one for chapstick. Really random, huh!? There are probably more, I just don't remember. Some new ones from Garyn are: Mannas = bananas and Moca Moca cheese = macaroni & cheese. Its fun to have your own little family language!


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