Thursday, April 30, 2009

The REAL Countdown Begins - 100!!

I cannot believe that all of a sudden there are only 100 days until I am Mrs. Sarah Lawhorn!!! (It feels crazy to even type that!!) But yes, I will have to change all of my forms of identification, my bank statements, magazine subscriptions (except for Real Simple, which I had sent to Jason's house before we even got engaged.. hmm.. maybe I was expecting it..), my email addresses, my business cards, and my signature.

All you married ladies, did it take a while before you just wrote your new name without thinking? Because I can already tell, I'm a creature of habit and it'll be hard not to jot down my normal signature. But maybe I'll just be so excited that I'll carefully draw out the perfect cursive "L" and make it all beautiful every time... :) Tee hee. Okay moving on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Calling all camp girls -

Remember our "chant" (that was waaaaay better than the guys...)?? Well, I was just reminded of it from this.

Man, I love camp memories.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sooooon to be...

You may not be able to see it here, but LOOK - I'm "Sarah soon-to-be-Lawhorn"!!!!!

Thanks, Em, for making my day.

Blogs I Stalk... other than the obvious

I thought I would give you a short list of blogs/websites that I stalk regularly (other than the obvious shown in my "fave bloggies") :

This Young House - 20-somethings redoing their house - we fit right in
Nesting Place - all things decorating, on a budget
Sunset - another decorating ideas site.. see a theme here?
My Life in a Boys World - Stephanie's blog
Buttoned Up - organizing website :)
Resolved2Worship - random blog I found, and I LOOOVE it - 6 kids and she's pregnant and she re-did her kitchen with like NO money. Gotta love it.
Ducks in a Row - another random one, about family and getting organized, etc.
ShopSmart Magazine - Consumer Reports puts this out
HGTV - anything in the decorating or organizing section... I seriously can't get enough.

That's all for now! Now go have fun.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Where's Waldo? - Bedding Edition

**UPDATE** I found it!! And honestly I don't even know how. But it's called Nautica Southgate Herringbone and I just may very well order it today. ......And then figure out how to return the other one......

A quick story and a plea for help.

Two weeks ago (or more) I found a bed set I was in love with from JCPenney and it was ON SAAAAALE. Okay? On sale. Love sales. Gotta get things on sale. And not just "on sale" - CLOSEOUT. So since we couldn't agree on anything at Bed Bath & Beyond, the discussion ended with "You get whatever makes you happy, babe." which basically means "I know I'm not going to win on this, I don't love what you picked, but go for it anyway."

So I took his "advice" and went ahead and bought the set.

Fast forward to yesterday when we were waltzing through BB&B when we walked past the bedding section:
"You better not even look," said Jason.
S: "Oh I know, it's not like I'm gonna find anyth--... oh poop."
J: "What?"
S: "Nothing. I didn't see anything. Nothing at all."
J: "Did you find one you like?"
S: "Maaaaybe..."
J: "Is it that one over there in the middle on the bottom?"
S: "Uh, YEEEEAH. Do you like it too?"
J: "Yeah, I really do."
S: "Well dang!"

(Okay, enough with the dialogue.) So we're looking around everywhere to find that one set, which of course we can't find and there's NO ONE around to ask.

So here's my plea for help: I took a picture of the picture in BB&B and I know it's a Nautica set, BUT... we have no idea what it's called or anything. I've done some research but still can't find it.

Can you find it?!?!?

The Fastest Kitchen Remodel

Okay so Sunday afternoon, right before meeting Brandon and Meagan for dinner (they're engaged!!) I told Jason what an eyesore the stupid scalloped wood piece is above the kitchen sink. So he said, fine, I'll do something about it and started to rip it off to which, of course, I said "WAAAAAIT!!!!!! ........let me take a picture for my blog first."

Yeesh. He's gotta marry me too. :)

Anyway, here's the before:

(Please ignore the horrible lighting from my phone camera...)

And the after!!:

Okay, nothing too amazingly glorious, but I really felt like we did a house project! In 2 seconds!! Before we ever get anywhere with the kitchen, I am sure that I will tell you "what we're going to do" 100 times. And each time it will be different and in the the end it will be different than that! It's just how I roll.

TODAY my thoughts are: We're going to change the hardware (this is a GIVEN and will NEVER change) and possibly paint the countertops. Jason's mom found a great article on hgtv about painting countertops so we figure we might as well try, it can't get any worse, and if it's terrible, we're planning to replace them anyway. But if it's NOT.. then we'll save ourselves some money until we're ready to go all out. :)

Public Service Announcement: My goal (since we are officially at 103 days until THE DAY) is to blog every other day, so like 50 posts between now and the wedding. I'm gonna be honest, I don't think I can do it, but SURELY to goodness I can have SOMETHING to write about every other day!! This has been a public service announcement.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Whooo Dolly!

Saturday morning. Well, afternoon. I get up. Put on my orange. Get ready for the Orange & White game at UT.

30-45 minutes later, Jason is driving and says, "Do you really want to go to the game?" "YES!" "Oh, well, I was thinking, maybe, we could go to DollyWood instead?"

WHOOOO DOLLY!! Of course I wanna go!!

So yes, we went to DollyWood!

Here's proof #1: the DollyWood sign behind that gazebo thingy.

We drove around in the antique cars!! (It looks like we're going super fast, but I think my camera phone just blurred..)

My chauffeur.

On the ferris wheel!!! YAY!! It was actually super fast!

At the top!!
We rode the Tennessee Tornado too! AHHH!!! And I kept my eyes open the whole time!!! We rode a bunch more, but my poor Fancy's neck has been killing him, so we had to cut back on the coasters pretty quick. All in all, it was a FANTASTIC day! We could have gone back for free on Sunday using our Saturday tickets but we knew we needed to head back. In a little over 3 months, though, we can go places and actually STAY TOGETHER!! WHOO HOO! Yay marriage!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rate-a my Space-a

Okay, so I finally bit the bullet and signed up for HGTV's Rate My Space. Not that I would want anyone to actually rate us yet - we've hardly done anything!! (By the way, yes, I know that my user name is SarahKL889 which isn't completely true yet, but I figured hey - it's not like I'm going to go back and re-register again for all this in 3 months! ...cut me some slack...) :)

Here's my "portfolio" so far! Just a few kitchen shots, and a PLEA for help on what to do with the cabinets. And since I'm asking the RMS group, why not ask you guys!?

What in the world should we do:

A.) stain the cabinets a dark rich color? OR

B.) paint them white?

We will change the hardware to something silver no matter what, and our walls are a soft gray color. We also have no idea what backsplash we would want to do and we want to eventually change the countertops and floors. ALL THAT IS LATER, but the cabinets will be something we do this spring.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silly Rabbit...

Jason and I spent our Easter Sunday at his parents house with all their close family!

Mmmmm... just look at all that food!!

Hunter and Granddaddy Lawhorn chatting it up before lunch.

Bonnie and Ben - I love this girl... She will be my :)

Paula helping Jessica get ready to read Scripture.

The whole group! Ben, Patricia, Jessica, Jason, Hunter, Bob, Cindy, Bonnie, Wes, Ben, Grandmother Cox, Granddaddy Cox, Grandmother Lawhorn, Granddaddy Lawhorn, Nanny, Paula, Scott, Elijah, Nehemiah, Josiah, Jordan, Kate, Wes, Jennifer, baby Ben, Diane, Kenny, Steven, Alicia, Shelby, Sydney, Cade... yeah, I think that's everyone. :)

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter! (Oh, and the title is from Dr. Dooley's sermon "Silly Rabbit - Easter isn't just for kids!")

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My "New Wife Kit"

This Saturday Cara, my MOH (maid of honor, for those not up on wedding lingo), and I got to hang out!! I was soooo happy that she was "home" and couldn't wait to spend time with her. She hadn't seen me since we got engaged!! It was actually really funny b/c we were together for 10+ minutes before she said "AHHH!! I haven't even seen your ring!!!"

Well, sweet sweet Cara brought me a gift. I really thought it would just be something simple, but BOY OH BOY was I wrong! (I shall never underestimate you again, Bia.)

Behold- my "New Wife Survival Kit".

Isn't this awesome?!? Inside was a bazillion gifts with numbers on them in the order I was supposed to unwrap them.

Look at this APRON!!! If you can't tell what it says, it says:

"Mrs. Lawhorn"!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

All kinds of cooking goodies (and a cookbook that's right up my alley...)

Adorable pot holders!!!

There's still so much left in the basket!!

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!" YES MA'AM!!

Bubble bath, candles... all things to relax. There are also 4 magazines: the newest Bride, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, and Elle Modern Living - for before the wedding planning and after the wedding decorating! (And we'll just ignore that little pink bag...)

What a super fun, amazing, perfectly tailored to me, gift!!! I LOVE YOU BIA!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Has anyone noticed that now it says 3 in the month column over there?!? ------->


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wickedly Wicked Weekend

Mom and I headed out to Birmingham last weekend to shop and see WICKED!!! This is us waiting for 7:30 when they would let us in.

This is picture 1 of the 2 pictures I wasn't allowed to take inside the theater. It's of the stage and how crazy far away we were. Next to the last row. In the balcony. ...but at least we were in the middle so that was a positive. We never saw any of the actors faces, but dang. It was aaaaaaamazing, nonetheless. Elphaba and Galinda's voices were out of this world.

Picture #2 of me and my mommy!

Yummmmm... the Original Pancake House in 5 Points was super yummy. Mom and I shared french toast. Mmmmm.

This was the view of our hotel from the pancake house.

And just because we sat there and gawked at this... WHAT IN THE CRAP!?!?! I mean, thug babies? Really? This was in the shop across the street from our hotel.

We had a blast on our trip and I can't stop singing "Pop-u-lar."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Productive Lunch

Hello all!! I hope you're having a good April so far!! WHOO HOO!! I know I am! You know what April means for me?? Dude - I'm seriously getting married in FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!!!! (Okay, so I know that the sidebar says 4 mo. and 5 days... details, people.) AHHH!!!

Today during lunch I:
*called my mom to chat about our exciting upcoming weekend in B'ham
*made a date with my Mamaw to scrapbook next week
*talked to my fancy
*did some online banking
*confirmed my invitation orders!
*tracked a package that should be ON IT'S WAY NOW!! (it's bedding for the future Mr. and me.. and I got the BEST deal.)
*reorganized my wedding folder
*ate, don't forget that part
*texted Emily to find out where mom and I should eat this weekend
*picked a new background for my blog

No, go forth and be productive!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love Languages and Wedding Craziness.

Dash's love languages are Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation.

Haha.. no, really. They are!
In other news - here's our wedding website, if I haven't already posted it!
In other OTHER news - JASON IS 25!!! Craziness.. Alex pointed out that this is his last birthday as a single man! :) It's weird to think about things that way, but even like Christmas - this past Christmas was my last one as it has always been (if that makes any sense). Or yesterday I was talking to my dad about car insurance and I said "I can just switch it over when I get married," and he repeated, "...when you get married... wow." Or like the fact that when I celebrate my next birthday - I'll be married! (for exactly 8 days), and when I start grad school in the fall, I'll be Sarah Lawhorn. AHHH!! It's so exciting and so crazy all at once.

I'M GOING TO SEE WICKED THIS WEEKEND!! Whoo hooo!! I seriously can't wait!! :)


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