Monday, April 20, 2009

Whooo Dolly!

Saturday morning. Well, afternoon. I get up. Put on my orange. Get ready for the Orange & White game at UT.

30-45 minutes later, Jason is driving and says, "Do you really want to go to the game?" "YES!" "Oh, well, I was thinking, maybe, we could go to DollyWood instead?"

WHOOOO DOLLY!! Of course I wanna go!!

So yes, we went to DollyWood!

Here's proof #1: the DollyWood sign behind that gazebo thingy.

We drove around in the antique cars!! (It looks like we're going super fast, but I think my camera phone just blurred..)

My chauffeur.

On the ferris wheel!!! YAY!! It was actually super fast!

At the top!!
We rode the Tennessee Tornado too! AHHH!!! And I kept my eyes open the whole time!!! We rode a bunch more, but my poor Fancy's neck has been killing him, so we had to cut back on the coasters pretty quick. All in all, it was a FANTASTIC day! We could have gone back for free on Sunday using our Saturday tickets but we knew we needed to head back. In a little over 3 months, though, we can go places and actually STAY TOGETHER!! WHOO HOO! Yay marriage!


  1. horray for DOLLYWOOD! Bo towns would be so proud. that sounds like a blast of a day!

    and yes, going places with each other and then coming home together is the BEST.


  2. I also am looking forward to that one day :-) What a fun day! <3

  3. Dollywood leads to Dolly Parton and speaking of Dolly, she's going to be the keynote speaker at UT's graduation in May! How super fun is that?! She's receiving an honorary music degree!!


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