Sunday, April 12, 2009

My "New Wife Kit"

This Saturday Cara, my MOH (maid of honor, for those not up on wedding lingo), and I got to hang out!! I was soooo happy that she was "home" and couldn't wait to spend time with her. She hadn't seen me since we got engaged!! It was actually really funny b/c we were together for 10+ minutes before she said "AHHH!! I haven't even seen your ring!!!"

Well, sweet sweet Cara brought me a gift. I really thought it would just be something simple, but BOY OH BOY was I wrong! (I shall never underestimate you again, Bia.)

Behold- my "New Wife Survival Kit".

Isn't this awesome?!? Inside was a bazillion gifts with numbers on them in the order I was supposed to unwrap them.

Look at this APRON!!! If you can't tell what it says, it says:

"Mrs. Lawhorn"!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

All kinds of cooking goodies (and a cookbook that's right up my alley...)

Adorable pot holders!!!

There's still so much left in the basket!!

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!" YES MA'AM!!

Bubble bath, candles... all things to relax. There are also 4 magazines: the newest Bride, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, and Elle Modern Living - for before the wedding planning and after the wedding decorating! (And we'll just ignore that little pink bag...)

What a super fun, amazing, perfectly tailored to me, gift!!! I LOVE YOU BIA!!!!


  1. What a great maid of honor Cara is!! And what a super fun gift :)

  2. Love it!! That green plate with the polka dots is the pattern I picked out to match/modernize my great-grandmothers china pattern!!! I love it!


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