Thursday, April 30, 2009

The REAL Countdown Begins - 100!!

I cannot believe that all of a sudden there are only 100 days until I am Mrs. Sarah Lawhorn!!! (It feels crazy to even type that!!) But yes, I will have to change all of my forms of identification, my bank statements, magazine subscriptions (except for Real Simple, which I had sent to Jason's house before we even got engaged.. hmm.. maybe I was expecting it..), my email addresses, my business cards, and my signature.

All you married ladies, did it take a while before you just wrote your new name without thinking? Because I can already tell, I'm a creature of habit and it'll be hard not to jot down my normal signature. But maybe I'll just be so excited that I'll carefully draw out the perfect cursive "L" and make it all beautiful every time... :) Tee hee. Okay moving on.


  1. All of my friends that I've counted down with them to their weddings always talks about how fast the last 100 days goes!!

    And Kirby was telling me that she will sometimes still start signing Mardis, but just signs it as her middle initial :) haha

  2. It took a long time to think of myself as a Hackman-- I'm not sure I still do :) And I still haven't figured out a way to write a pretty H. Ha!

  3. well, i wrote the cursive L for twenty something years and still write it as my middle initial... it's pretty fun.

    walker from liner was an easy transition. sometimes i accidently write it though.


  4. Six years later - I still write Smith sometimes. I even did it at the doctor's office a few weeks ago. They were like "who's Rachel Smith??" :-)


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