Monday, January 5, 2009

Things you should know about me.

**Update: You guys are AMAZING. No really. You don't know how exciting it is to get SIX (lets count 'em!) comments! WHOO HOO!!**

  • I hate the chicken in Campbell's chicken noodle soup, so I pick out each and every tiny chunk before I eat it. Every time.
  • I have earrings on 99% of the time.
  • I have my ears double-pierced, but wear earrings in them 2% of the time.
  • I love hot tea, but despite Jason's notion that I can "get used to not putting sugar in it", I can't.
  • I love telling people that I worked out more than the actual work out itself. (That's honesty right there.)
  • I never make my bed, and I ususally get up on a different side each day.
  • I check my email 800 times every day. Wait, make that 801.
  • I stink at Mario Kart, but I will play it all day.
  • I have a HUGE desire to be crafty, but zero follow through.
  • I set my alarm for at least 45 minutes before I get up and hit snooze 4-5 times... This is usually a bad idea.
  • I have a jar of peanut butter m&ms on my desk and many friends at work who like to stop by. :)
  • I check my cell phone 200 times every day - just in case I missed a call. (But the times when I don't have my phone by me is when I miss like 10 phone calls... Murphy's law, right?)
  • I LOOOOOVE Typhoon of Tokyo (and Ichiban) and always pick out all the carrots in the rice before eating. (I'm such a freak.)
  • I bite my finger nails, but I promise that 2009 is the year I will stop.

    What is one random thing I should know about you?


  1. I will never get over my love of the color red. So far red has made an appearance in my life in...
    * a 9th grade paper on the history and symbolism of the color red
    * my couch
    * my favorite Pier 1 dishes
    * my 1st feather down blanket
    * my first car
    * my second car
    * my tea pot
    * multiple frames around my desk

  2. haha a) I love the list of what I should know about you and b) I love your attempt at the bottom to get people to comment, so of course I had to after we shared our frustrations over people's lack of commenting on our blogs :)

    And by the way, I hate oreos and thin mints...I know, I might be one of 3 people in America.
    -I am super OCD about color coding my planner.
    -I make my bed 98% of the time
    -I love Raisin Bran Crunch, but hate raisins so I take them out of every bowl I eat.

  3. Ok, ok, I'll play :).

    FIRST of al, if you're bad at Mario Kart, I should never even play. Come on!

    Second of all (ly?), I LOVE to read and would do it in every moment of down time I have... but I'm lazy so I watch tv a lot instead.

  4. I have a whole list of Anna quirks and things which will probably appear on a blog very soon, but i'll choose one to add to your little game.. :)

    When I was like 7ish, i killed our pet bird by doing a somersault over him :( morbid, i know. but true.

  5. ah, this is an EXCELLENT post! i love it!
    here are some things for you.

    as long as people are talking about bed-making, I HAVE to make mine before I leave for work or I feel unproductive all day long.

    -usually, i spend my lunch breaks coming home for 45 minutes and doing laundry (since I work at night)
    -i recently became obsessed with selling things on ebay and am enjoying mucho extra cash as a result
    -i LOVE being tickled. arms, back, head, i think it's the most relaxing feeling in the world and wish that their were professional ticklers instead of massage people.


  6. first of all, I love this. I laughed out loud of course. Anna, I love your quirkiness lol. okay, so I am prone to quirkiness as well so here it goes...

    - Im pretty sure everything I own matches. My bedspread, my planner, my wallet, my bag,etc..all green paisley in some form or fashion ( haha..even my blog!)
    - 2 or 3 nights a week I actually bathe before bed and shower when I wake up in the morning. ( I always shower, but i mean the batheing thing before bed).
    - I have 3 journals and 3 calendars
    - my closet is color coded...even the mounds of tshirts that I have folded in the upper corner.

    :) thats all from the Kasey corner!

  7. :-)

    I had to stop buying water in bottles at school because they would build up in my room to the point that my roomies would make fun of me and make it a game of seeing how many they could find all over my room! (Now I get water in jugs lol..I am a water snob, no tap water for me!).

    I miss you and love you!

  8. your chicken soup cracks me up. i will never eat another chunk of it (that sounds gross - its more like cubes) and not think of you! :)

    Here's some randomNESS (haha!):

    *when i get a bag of skittle i have to separate them into colors. then i only eat the red and purple, one color at a time.
    *when i eat, i HATE for my food to touch. i also only eat one thing at a time and work my way counter clockwise around the plate. and eat left handed (generally im right handed)
    *ive already had plastic surgery -- when i was two i ripped half of my upper lip off my face (by falling down while walking) and a plastic surgeon had to sew it back on to reduce scarring.
    *if someone pops something on the bodies, i have to pop my toes, both feet. ew, i know.

  9. so i just got tagged and i know you just wrote one, but you should post another and play! :) i tagged you!

  10. something you should know about me: i go blank when people ask me questions like this.

    i literally was just making a list in my head yesterday at how quirky i am...and i can think of ZERO things that are on that list. sheesh:)

  11. I have missed reading your blog for a while and wow, stuff updates in your life really fast.

    Quirky things about me:

    1. I read magazines back to front. I skim until I find an article to sink into, but i never read a magazine without starting in the back first.

    2. I've not made my bed in over 18 years (since I moved out of my house when I was a child). Its a real rebellious thing. I don't even care if I have company and they see it. I will make it if someone is spending the night but I admit it to them when they are there!

    3. I am utterly addicted to chapstick. in the worst way addicted. The people I work with at Starbucks want to start a support group for me and those like me.

    so, does this house mean something more for you and the boo?...


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