Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Room of the...Eating

As promised here are some before and (mostly) after shots of the kitchen/dining room area!

BEFORE: The wood cabinets blend into the wood paneling above them which blends into the wood ceilings...

AFTER: We painted the walls (and primed the back splash - more on that below)!
BEFORE: The yummy orange-brown carpet blends into the wood paneling walls which blends into... oh wait. I've already explained that part.

AFTER: We painted the paneling!! ("we" is Jason, Keith, Becca, David, Emily, Patricia, and me). This color is called Gallery Taupe, which is basically a light gray with a brownish tint (again, I'm so great at describing colors...) What we are going for in here is breaking up the "blends-into-factor", and hoping that when you walk in you immediately notice the AMAZING wood ceilings.

BEFORE: That awesome carpet. No words. And the curtains? Do you want those?
AFTER (sort-of): Jason ripped up the carpet and we (David and Emily, not me really) put primer on the bookshelf in the back.

Negative: the linoleum is now two shades instead of one... one was under the carpet and the rest has been affected by sunlight for 30 years.

Becca spent the majority of her time priming the back splash in the kitchen. Jason (we) still don't know what color to paint it, whether we should use the same grayish color that's on the walls or a different, darker accent color. Your thoughts?

The counters, small back splash area, and the rest of the back splash are all this beautiful confetti... concoction. (I've run out of nice things to say about things...)
Tonight is another Dave Ramsey class - have I talked about that yet? No, I guess not. Expect a post on that later this week. HAVE THE BEST DAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY HAVE!! And let the little things roll off your back today. Ahhh.. doesn't that feel better? :)


  1. I LOVE THE WALLS! THe whole room looks lighter and much much much better. I love that you painted the top of the wood above the cabinets also. And that there was linoleum under the carpet? That's a blessing even though it is a different color. Saves you time! you should put a bleaching treatment on the linoleum that was under the carpet and then just stick a big rug over it!!!

    The big rug in our den, the one that's 12x14 feet, we got it at Todd's carpet outlet in Brainerd and paid... are you ready? $150 for it, the 2.5x10 foot run in the hall AND the two rug mats to keep them from sliding. That's it! check it out here:

    Also, I like the backsplash light, because it balances out the darkness in the cabinets. But if you painted it a medium tone and changed the hardware on the cabinets, it'd work well with a darker tone than the rest of the walls. either way, it'll look great.

    you rock! love you.


  2. Looking good! I can see that you guys have been working hard!
    Way to go!

    Tim @ Remodeling Guy

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