Monday, January 19, 2009


I can't believe that Jason hasn't even owned the house for 1 full week yet and we've already accomplished so much!

Wednesday: closed on the house
Thursday (after work): pulled up carpet and padding in all 3 bedrooms
Friday (after work): pulled up staples in 2 rooms
Saturday (after I slept in): pulled up carpet in hall and living room, hauled to the dump
--Kristin, Kasey, Alex, Forrest, my mom, dad, and Nick stopped by!
Sunday (after church): pulled out staples in LR and hall, and swept for the 1,000,000th time
--AT, Ryan and Evelyn (Jason's coworker/neighbors), Emily, David, and Harley stopped by!

This weeks agenda includes CLEANING CLEANING CLEANING and then painting this weekend!!

PICTURES of the house and all the fun people who stopped by to follow. :)

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  1. i want to help! i think i can this weekend. would it be ok if i came? i don't want to be in the way though since i'll definitely have kate with me. just let me know.


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