Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's the Start of Something New!

Just a quick note to let you officially know:

Jason closed on the house!!

We are both really excited and I'm so proud of him for taking this huge step (I'm sure I've said that 12 times by now).

Today is day one:
  • take tons of "before" pictures (that's what the new camera is for!)
  • pull up carpet (easy)
  • pull up carpet padding (not so easy, but hopefully easy)
  • remove tack-board, or whatever it's called

I would be more ambitious and put more things on the list, but as it stands, we'll never make it that far in one evening!

READERS BEWARE: In the coming months you will probably see more pictures of someone's house then you would ever care to... but it'll be FUN!!!


  1. yaaaay! how exciting and fun!! tell jason congrats for me:)

  2. WAHOO! I am super excited about seeing all these pictures! :-)


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