Monday, May 31, 2010

May Goals - How'd I Do?

As you can obviously tell, May was pretty much an MIA month for me here on the blog. It was also not a very "goal oriented month" either! :-p Well, here goes nothin':

*Read 3 books - Mending Places, Saving Grace, Finding Faith - all by Denise Hunter, and Prince Caspian
*Attend 3 showers for friends! (2 wedding, 1 baby) - Deb's wedding shower, Bonnie's wedding shower, and Becca's baby shower!

*Create artwork for the kitchen/dining room walls - FAIL
*Organize dining room shelves - FAIL

*Work on the kitchen update!!!! - FAIL (haha... well, the guy who will be helping us won't be available until June... so we put it on pause)
*Weekly/bi-weekly garden updates :) - FAIL but check back soon for a progress report

*Meal plan for at least 2 weeks - FAIL
*One new recipe - FAIL

*Water week - FAIL
*Continue to spend as much time outside as possible - finally one I can say that I did! And you'll be very proud of my big wellness goal for June...

I did get SOME stuff done and you know what - the great thing about monthly goals is that you get to wipe the slate clean every 30 days or so! :) Check back later for June!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Look what Jason found on Saturday! 2 salamanders were under a rock that he was moving. (We pulled ivy out of our backyard for 4 hours on Saturday evening... it was quite a task.)

They were kinda cute, but... I still didn't touch them. And luckily, he didn't throw them on me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bonnie's Shower

Sunday I went to Bonnie's shower! She's getting married to Ben in 32 days!! :)

Bonnie is Jason's cousin, so that makes her my cousin-in-law, right? Well, that's what we told people anyway... (She's the beauty in the center!)

Check this out! It was a cleaning supply kit/person/thing! Isn't that the coolest?!

I had a blast and I'm sooooo excited for Bonnie and Ben!! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Learnin' Lacrosse

This year Jessica (my beautiful sister-in-law) started playing lacrosse and we went to her game on Saturday! I knew absolutely nothing about lacrosse (still know very little) but it was really fun to learn!

{Jess is #14}

She did a great job!! We can't wait to watch her continue to grow in this sport. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bugs. Yuck.

A few days ago I noticed Snooker was eyeing a bug on the dining room rug. It looked like it was a spider, which is gross, but I didn't care if she messed with it.

From the other room Jason said "What's she got ahold of?" and I said, "It's either a spider or a scorpion or something, but I'm sure it's a spider." (It was on the black part of the rug underneath the table, so I didn't have the best look.)

Anyway, he said "Um... if it's a scorpion... we don't really want her to play with it, right?" "Uh, yeah. You're right." So he got a flashlight and we got close enough to check.

Yeah, it was a scorpion.
Big yuck.

What's the yuckiest bug you've found in your house?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garden Update: 2 Weeks In

Ah, gardening.

Well, you can't exactly call what I'm doing "gardening" yet - I'm basically waiting at this point. But good things come to those who wait! And I am seeing some VERY GOOD THINGS in my garden boxes.

Here's what we started with (to remind you of what is where):

After one week...

And NOW - look!!!!!! We've got something in every square foot!
From the top left: 2 squash, 8 sugar snap peas, and 2 strawberries.

Aaaaaaaaand cucumbers and zucchini!!

You ain't got no idea how excited I am!

Okay, maybe you can tell a little.

It looks like my thumb may be turning a slight shade of green...

May Goals

May sure snuck up on me! But it's going to be a busy month for us - we're tackling the kitchen! So everything else will be taking a back seat. But it will be a productive month for sure!

*Read 3 books
*Attend 3 showers for friends! (2 wedding, 1 baby)

*Create artwork for the kitchen/dining room walls
*Organize dining room shelves

*Work on the kitchen update!!!!
*Weekly/bi-weekly garden updates :)

*Meal plan for at least 2 weeks
*One new recipe

Water week
Continue to spend as much time outside as possible


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