Monday, May 31, 2010

May Goals - How'd I Do?

As you can obviously tell, May was pretty much an MIA month for me here on the blog. It was also not a very "goal oriented month" either! :-p Well, here goes nothin':

*Read 3 books - Mending Places, Saving Grace, Finding Faith - all by Denise Hunter, and Prince Caspian
*Attend 3 showers for friends! (2 wedding, 1 baby) - Deb's wedding shower, Bonnie's wedding shower, and Becca's baby shower!

*Create artwork for the kitchen/dining room walls - FAIL
*Organize dining room shelves - FAIL

*Work on the kitchen update!!!! - FAIL (haha... well, the guy who will be helping us won't be available until June... so we put it on pause)
*Weekly/bi-weekly garden updates :) - FAIL but check back soon for a progress report

*Meal plan for at least 2 weeks - FAIL
*One new recipe - FAIL

*Water week - FAIL
*Continue to spend as much time outside as possible - finally one I can say that I did! And you'll be very proud of my big wellness goal for June...

I did get SOME stuff done and you know what - the great thing about monthly goals is that you get to wipe the slate clean every 30 days or so! :) Check back later for June!

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  1. Well I had the same kind of month, goal wise. So glad to see you back!!


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