Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Goals

Alrighty, my friends - here's to a new month and new goals!
(and apparently lots of fun!)
Finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia series (4 down, 3 to go!)
Recap our Memorial Day trip :)
Bonnie and Ben's wedding!!
Ashley and Mike's wedding!!
Go to Riverbend

Reach 400 posts by the end of June(!!)
Play with my camera settings in preparation for my work trip in July and our big vacation in August

Paint kitchen cabinets
Patio garden progress report

Menu plan for 2 weeks/stop eating out so much! (we've been baaaad lately...)

Workout on my lunch break every Tuesday and Thursday in June!

I'm feeling more motivated this month than I (obviously) was last month.
Are you filled with the excitement of summertime??

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