Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bonnie and Ben's Wedding

Saturday, June 5th was Bonnie and Ben's wedding! We were so afraid it was going to rain on them, but it turned out to be a beautiful (and hot) afternoon!

The anxious groom, Ben, and his hilarious dad.
(I didn't get pictures of the groomsmen coming up, but as each one came down the aisle, they handed Ben a live goldfish as they shook his hand!! He immediately passed them off to his dad who put them in his pocket!!)

You may now kiss the bride!

Now announcing Mr. and Mrs.!!!

Bonnie was radiant... she looked amazing.

Ben was so funny because as they toasted, cut cake, fed cake, etc. he would say, "Okay, what's next?"

The reception was outside as well - we got to dance the night away!

One big happy family!!
From left to right: Jessica, Ben, Patricia (Jason's parents and sister), Grandmother and Granddaddy Cox (Patricia and Cindy's parents), Cindy (Patricia's sister, Bonnie's mom), Bonnie, Ben, Bob (Cindy's hubby), Wes (Bonnie's brother), Hunter (Jason's bro), Elizabeth (Hunter's fiance), Jason, and yours truly.

We are so excited to have Ben as an official part of the family and can't wait to spend all the future family holidays together!!

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