Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Pippi's House!

When we were on our vacation to Amelia Island, we were in this really cute bookstore on the main strip and there was a small piece of paper pinned to a bulletin board that caught my eye.

It said that the movie Pippi Longstocking was filmed on Amelia Island!!
 The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

And that Pippi's house was in the historic district nearby! WHAT?!?! I looooove Pippi!

So I start freaking out and saying "Can we PLEASE go find Pippi's house?! Pleeeease, pretty please?!" and to my delight, my sweet hubby said, "Of course we can!"

So using our trusty GPS enabled phones, we searched for the address and eventually found it. It was starting to get dark when I took the picture below.

But here's she is in all her glory. The beautiful Villa Villekulla!!!

Of course the day after we got home, we borrowed the movie from Jessica and watched it! It was so wild because there's a little driveway/path to the left that goes down towards the water and WE WERE ON IT!!! I would have totally gotten out and taken 100 more pictures, but it's now a private residence... and I didn't wanted to get arrested.


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