Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Post Brought to You By...

I want to tell you a lovely story that goes along with yesterday's post about painting the dining room shelves.

It took me probably 2.5 hours to trim out and paint these stupid shelves (probably why I never finished before...) so I was just about done and Jason asked for a paintbrush to work on cutting in for the rest of the room with the different paint color. So I said, let me wash it out first (since it had white paint on it) and you can use it. I go to the sink and start using both hands to squeeze the paint out and run water on it.

Fast forward 30 seconds to when I remember that this paint is oil based and won't wash off with water.

Fast forward 10 seconds to when I look at my white mime-hands.

Fast forward 5 more seconds to when I say, "Do we still have the mineral spirits your mom let us borrow?" "No, why?"


The other great thing is that this stuff won't dry! If I could get them dry, then I could probably scrape it off. But no, sitting in front of the air conditioning vent for 15 minutes didn't work. So I used Dawn. Then I tried rubbing alcohol. Then Windex (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, anyone?). Then I tried to coerce my wonderful husband to go to Walmart and BUY some mineral spirits since I couldn't do anything/touch anything/eat anything/drink anything/go anywhere... you get the picture. So he did.

And I sat on the couch with my hands out, trying not to touch anything, for 20 minutes while he got the magic potion to remove the mess. And poor Dash... he was very upset as to why I wouldn't pet him.

Within seconds of rubbing the mineral spirits on my hands, they were clean. And all was right in the world.

This post brought to you by MINERAL SPIRITS!!!


  1. I have totally done this! Totally. Relate.

    On the good side, the cabinet looks great.

  2. lol! We have been painting at Tyler's shool room and he had bought some mineral spirits, I hate oil based! Garyn of ourse got it all over him and I ouldn't get it off his lothes. (Sorry my "see" button isn't working.) But he went bak to paint yesterday and said he needed to stop and get some more beause he had used all of it the first day!
    Great story to remember!


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