Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red Bank Shower 6.28.09

As promised!! Here are a bunch of pictures from the Red Bank Baptist Church Shower that was on Sunday, June 28th.

There were four teacups (and saucers) on the piano and Patricia let me know that these were a gift for me! The COOLEST part is each is a pattern from Jason's grandmother's (Grandmother Lawhorn, Grandmother Cox, Nanny) and Jason's mom. HOW SPECIAL!!!

EMILY!!! :) She took a bunch of picture for me, and took over writing down gifts in the book when Alex had to leave. THANKS FRIEND!

My grandmother (on the right) meeting Jason's Nanny and realizing that Nanny knew my Papaw from school!

All the goods!! :)

My beautiful flower girl, Anna!

The cutest platter!! I can't wait to put it in the kitchen!

Alex was a huge help - she wrote down all the gifts until she had to leave. And took a bunch of these pictures. THANK YOU!!!

Even baby Kate loves wedding showers!!
My (future) sister and flower girl - Jess and Anna! They became FAST friends. :)
My girls!!!
Shew... it took a LOOOONG time to open all these. :) Everyone was way too good to us!!
Only THIRTY-NINE days!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blessed Beyond Belief

Friends, we are so blessed.

You wouldn't even believe how many people came to the shower yesterday at Red Bank. And the gifts... we are just BLOWN away by the generosity of our brothers and sisters.

I will try to get pictures up here tonight or tomorrow so you can see all our goodies! (Now we just have to find places to put everything!!)

FORTY DAYS!!!!!!!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Progress - you should be so proud!

Five weeks ago I began the journey of... growing up and not biting my nails anymore. This is what my nails looked like after one week.

And now after 5 weeks, they are looking so much better!

You probably still can't tell, but BELIEVE ME - they rock!!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

No, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have read the book. But no, this isn't about that!

This is about a SUPER FUN WEEKEND with my MOH and BFF Cara! We met in Atlanta at Lenox Square Mall and spent close to 8 hours shopping! The goal was for me to get "shower dresses" and "honeymoon clothes"!! We went a million places and got stuff from:

Dude, it was awesome.
I went on the trip with a set budget, and came WELL under that, so even though I got a ton of stuff, I knew I wasn't going over my original set limit. And get this - I even got a bunch of work clothes at Ann Taylor Loft, which I included as part of that budget, even though that wasn't really what I was supposed to spend it on. :)
I got some GREAT STUFF!! (including a super cute dress from the Loft that I will be debuting Sunday at the Red Bank Church Shower, plus the cutest shoes from DSW!) Cara made me try on tonnnnnnns of clothes, just to see how different styles look on me, and I've learned that I lean towards classic looks with pops of color. We found pretty much everything on my original list, and all in all, it was a FANTASTIC DAY!!!
Oh yeah, and the bathing suit thing. Don't mix and match bathing suit tops and bottoms from different brands in department store lighting and expect the colors to match in the light of day. And if you do, don't buy from Macy's where you can't exactly take it back the next day. Consider this a public service announcement. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cry for HELP!

Okay, so I'm working on deciding music for the ceremony. Prelude, seating of the grandmothers, seating of the mothers... All that fun stuff. I think I've decided on the Processional and Recessional but I'm having a hard time with the others. WILL YOU HELP ME?!?

What did you have played at your wedding?

If you have favorites, or you just have a few minutes to browse around online, please suggest anything and I will be forever grateful. :)

Also - do you have any suggestions for Scripture or a poem or anything for the ceremony? I am having a hard time finding much more than "Love is patient, love is kind..." - not that there's anything wrong with that!! I just wanted to see if I could find something else to have read.

What Scripture/poems were read at your wedding?

Of course- all my not-yet-married friends - this is not a post that doesn't require your help too!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dog, meet Cat. Cat, meet Dog.

This past weekend we decided it was time for Snooker and Dash to finally meet. Jason held Snooker while she cautiously stared down this little creature that had walked into her house.

I let Dash go and he ran around the house like he always does, pretty much oblivious to the cat until....
Gotta love that arched back. She was not a happy camper! And he didn't understand why!

So we would try to put them together and it would be fine then Dash would get bored and walk away and here she'd come.. just stalking him.

We did, however, find something they were both interested in - the LASER!! She would chase it, then he would chase it, then Jason would point it right in between them and they'd realize they were close and they'd freak out and run.

All in all, it wasn't the best meeting ever, but they got to where they were tolerating each other. In 3 weeks when I move back home, Dash will be going to live with Jason and Snooker... so we'll see how that goes.
Who knows - they could end up being BEST FRIENDS!!!
Just don't hold your breath.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Now the whole WORLD knows!!

My mom called super early this morning.. okay, so it wasn't super early. I mean, my alarm had been going off for a good 20 minutes. But that's beside the point.

Mom called this morning to tell me that WE'RE IN THE PAPER TODAY!!!! AHH!!! I'm so excited! Check it out if you get a Sunday paper, or click below to see it! :)

Here's the site - we're the 3rd one down.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A new member of the FAMILY!!

Meet Snooker - our newest family member!!! Jason and I went to McKamey Animal Shelter last weekend and fell in love with this sweet little 6 mo. old girl. We decided to hold off on getting her, but vowed that if we came back in a week and she was still there, we would think about adopting her.

Needless to say, when Jason went back this afternoon, he HAD to bring this little baby home! She is real skittish at the moment, but is sooooo loving when she realizes everything's okay. Here is her little area. (We're still not sure where her "permenant residence" is going to be, but for now, her food and water is in the kitchen.)

We started out naming her Snooker, then changed it to Bandit (because of her adorable black "mask") but we went back to Snooker because it's just so fitting for her.

We got a few things for her at PETCO and Jason ended up buying a laser pointer. I thought it was a goofy idea, but oh my goodness - she freaks out!! The video below is her chasing the laser around.

She is sooooo cute!! And, no, she and Dash have not met yet. We're giving her a little more time to readjust before she meets her new brother.

I'll let you know how that goes. :)

Dear Mr. Dentist:

Or should I say Doctor Dentist. (We do want him to be a doctor...)

Dear Dr. Dentist,

I, Sarah soon-to-be Lawhorn, do solemnly swear to attend regular 6 month cleanings at your establishment. I will try to floss every day... errr... twice a week, to ensure better oral hygiene. I will actually use the ACT Mouthwash I freely receive at work, on a more regular basis. I will use straws when I drink Dr. Pepper's and other such things that are probably really bad for my teeth.

Oh yeah, and I will tell all the little cavities that they can't invite their friends over.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our First Shower! (Work Shower - 6.5.09)

Last Friday was our very first shower!! My aunt Holly (who works at Chattem) and the two girls I work closest with, Megan & Rachel, organized it and a lot of other people helped with food and getting it all set up.

Here is the beautiful (and SUPER yummy) cake!

Some of my coworkers!! --Scott, Sherry, Linda, Andrea, and Jennifer--

Group shot of the board room while we were all chowing down.

Who would have ever thought that someone would get me peanut butter m&ms?!? :) Thank you, Barb.

John holding baby Owen - we were so excited Katie and Owen got to come!!

We got our china completer set!!! (For those of you who don't know what that means, its the sugar, creamer, large bowl, and platter.)

ALEXIS!!! This is my buddy, who thought she could hide behind the camera the whole time. Thanks for taking pictures!! :)

And last, but definitely not least, the lunch girls! This is Heidi, Rachel, Alexis, and Louise. We try to eat lunch together a few times a week, but I'm usually the one that misses out. I promise to come more!!! Love you all!!
Everyone was fantastic and we got all kinds of wonderful things. The other picture I forgot to post was us getting our pots and pans!!! It was a fabulous shower, and, believe it or not, I already wrote my thank yous and handed them out yesterday.

Boo. Yah.
Booooooooo. Yaaaaaaaaaaah. (anyone? anyone?)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Picture Post (no clever title needed)

A couple pictures just for fun:

Jason working hard on his car on Saturday.

Old spark plug... new spark plug! (And Jason's dirty hands!)

Okay, and this is what we call PROGRESS, people. I know what you're thinking - big deal, you STILL have no fingernails... but they're growing!! :) I have officially not been biting my fingernails for 2 weeks now and I'm on target to have beautiful nails by the wedding!!

I've been addressing invitations like a madman. This is about 2/3 of them... yikes!!! My goal is to get the rest done by Friday!

Look! We already mailed some!!! :)

I'm so pumped.

  • Friday = work shower

  • 28th = RBBC shower

  • one month from this weekend = moving home

  • one month from that = MARRIAGE!!!


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