Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red Bank Shower 6.28.09

As promised!! Here are a bunch of pictures from the Red Bank Baptist Church Shower that was on Sunday, June 28th.

There were four teacups (and saucers) on the piano and Patricia let me know that these were a gift for me! The COOLEST part is each is a pattern from Jason's grandmother's (Grandmother Lawhorn, Grandmother Cox, Nanny) and Jason's mom. HOW SPECIAL!!!

EMILY!!! :) She took a bunch of picture for me, and took over writing down gifts in the book when Alex had to leave. THANKS FRIEND!

My grandmother (on the right) meeting Jason's Nanny and realizing that Nanny knew my Papaw from school!

All the goods!! :)

My beautiful flower girl, Anna!

The cutest platter!! I can't wait to put it in the kitchen!

Alex was a huge help - she wrote down all the gifts until she had to leave. And took a bunch of these pictures. THANK YOU!!!

Even baby Kate loves wedding showers!!
My (future) sister and flower girl - Jess and Anna! They became FAST friends. :)
My girls!!!
Shew... it took a LOOOONG time to open all these. :) Everyone was way too good to us!!
Only THIRTY-NINE days!!!!


  1. aww, that picture of you and Kate is soo cute!

  2. Ok so I got the chills when reading/seeing the last pic! I remember the days before the wedding....such sweet memories. I also wanted to tell you sorry I couldn't come to that shower, I had to work that night. AND isn't it amazing everything you get! I would just look at it and thank God, because people are such a blessing to you when you don't expect it!


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