Thursday, June 11, 2009

A new member of the FAMILY!!

Meet Snooker - our newest family member!!! Jason and I went to McKamey Animal Shelter last weekend and fell in love with this sweet little 6 mo. old girl. We decided to hold off on getting her, but vowed that if we came back in a week and she was still there, we would think about adopting her.

Needless to say, when Jason went back this afternoon, he HAD to bring this little baby home! She is real skittish at the moment, but is sooooo loving when she realizes everything's okay. Here is her little area. (We're still not sure where her "permenant residence" is going to be, but for now, her food and water is in the kitchen.)

We started out naming her Snooker, then changed it to Bandit (because of her adorable black "mask") but we went back to Snooker because it's just so fitting for her.

We got a few things for her at PETCO and Jason ended up buying a laser pointer. I thought it was a goofy idea, but oh my goodness - she freaks out!! The video below is her chasing the laser around.

She is sooooo cute!! And, no, she and Dash have not met yet. We're giving her a little more time to readjust before she meets her new brother.

I'll let you know how that goes. :)


  1. She looks like she's going to a masquerade party! How adorable!

  2. How sweet of you guys to adopt her :-)


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