Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Very First Contest :)

Hello my good friends! I get so stinkin' excited every time I look at my last post! I can't believe that a week from tomorrow I'm going to be on my own (with Dash, of course). It's crazy and exciting and let's not even talk about all the packing I still have to do.

I was talking to my dad and said "How do real people move?" I mean, I can't even wrap my head around packing my closet sized room w/no closet and some people have a WHOLE HOUSE to pack! Like kitchen stuff and china and big pieces of furniture! I have great respect for anyone who has had to pack up their lives and move - you guys rock.

So here comes the potential contest (and I'd like to have more of these if this one gets a good response). I want to hear from you guys about the one kitchen item that you can't live without or think I shouldn't live without. As I prepare for my big move I'm having to buy a lot of new things - kitchen items being top on the list - and would love your input for things I might not know otherwise!! (Those of you who don't have an account, just post a comment as a guest but be sure to tell me your name!)

I'm going to leave this post up until Monday and if I get at least 5 comments from people, I will give the best answer a $5 Wendy's card (okay, it doesn't have to be Wendy's, I just eat there every day).

OKAY PEOPLE - What is the one kitchen item that you can't live without or think that I shouldn't live without?!?!
Can't wait to read all about it!!


  1. so totally don't enter me in the contest, because i am cheating and giving you more than one item. but i'll tell you 3 things that save my kitchen sanity on a regular basis- and if you plan on really cooking, you'll want them.

    WOODEN kitchen spoons and spatulas (not just plastic like kitchenaid-you really need wooden)

    two (at least) specialty spoons for stirring coffee and tea (they have something like a 6 inch stem which is phenomenal!)

    those glass cake displays that you see are not just perfect for storing airtight cakes, muffins and other bread-like things you make on your dinner table, but if you flip it over it works as a punch bowl! you need one!
    that's the link (even though it probably won't link without you copying and pasting it.)

    finally, when i lived by myself, even though i don't "drink" drink, i kept some beautiful wine or margarita looking glasses (just 2 or 3) to use for fun when I felt like being fancy. it sounds silly, but it was a ton of fun. whenever hayley would come over we'd have cider or even punch in those glasses and we'd giggle the whole time. :)

    hehe. i love you!

  2. although i like alex' kitchen ideas, i am looking at this from a "if i had to only have one item in my kitchen to really help me with my family's eating" it would be a potato peeler that you scrape the peels off potatoes. you can make the greatest carrot curls with these too and Molly peeled a 5 lb bag of potatoes for me for mashed potatoes while i did some other things. so safe for kids. this is a little utilitarian, but i feel sure this little utensil will carry with you through your next "announcement". good luck moving!

  3. if i had to narrow it down to ONE kitchen would definitely NOT be wooden spoons. Sorry alex, but touching those things is about like nails on a chalkboard to me. plastic works just fine for me. but to answer your question, it would have to be a toaster oven. i don't see how anyone lives without one.

  4. Even though we've already discussed this, I'll post anyway. Kitchen scissors...use them to cut pizza, meat, anything really.


  5. i re-echo what everyone else said. especially the potato peeler.

  6. I saw measuring cups and the teaspoon measuring spoons. I forgot mine at home the first 2 or 3 weeks when I was in Athens and it was harder to get by without them than you would think! And more than one cookie sheet...I always find that mine is dirty when I usually need it.

  7. ok so just this year am i in a house on my own and am really REALLY new to the whole exploring the kitchen thing but YES to the toaster oven YES to the plastic spoons (sorry alex, not a fan of wooden either! haha) and i seem to use a cutting board allll the time. oh, and an ELECTRIC can opener. manual is so yesterday. and i cut myself. haha. so yeah, those are my two cents :) yay on moving! hope you can take something from my inexperienced experiences! :)


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