Thursday, September 4, 2008

August Birthday Celebration!

Here are some pictures from the August B'day Celebration at my house last Sunday!

The party people!! Everyone turned 23 during August (except me, I'm the baby.)

The yummy food!!

My beautiful backyard area with tons of wonderful friends!

Brandon brought his bocce set for everyone to play.

They were pretty hardcore!!!

Finally, Dash/Jason entertained everyone with the old "I can hold my dog up by a handle" trick. It was a hit. (He's just so cute!!)

We had a blast and only wish we had invited more people!!! :) There's always next year!

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  1. I love birthdays! I don't even mind when they come around, even in my thirties. I'll come to your party next year and John and Jason can have funny dog trick contests. Ask Alex, John makes our little dog talk like a Mexican. It's hilarious and disturbing all at the same time.

    I miss you all. Are you running?


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