Monday, September 15, 2008

They're Grrrrrrrrreat!!

Two words. Gee- and -rate. :) What a fabulous weekend!!
Friday: much needed time with the BF
Saturday: Tennessee game vs. UAB in Knoxville!! soooooo fun and sooooo orange!

Sunday: Sunday school, church, lunch w/J's family, lounging w/mom, dinner with friends, and... (drumroll please) the Shane & Shane/Bethany Dillon concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

So great. So so great. Did I say that the concert was GREAT?! Well, it was... great, that is. I didn't think I knew any of Bethany Dillon's songs (who is married to Shane #1, by the way) but I knew more than I thought (and went home and immediately downloaded like 10 songs). She was awesome and so humble - and oh yeah, I decided I wanted to be her. Not like marry a Shane and actually BE her, but I want her job. I want to go around the country (or the state.. whatever works) and SING FOR A LIVING. I mean, seriously? Can you even call that a job?

Anyway, "the Shanes," as they called themselves, were... what's the word I'm looking for? ...GREAT! (Sorry, I'll stop being like that.) Their music is so powerful and they sound wonderful on the CD but even more so to hear them live. (Shane #2 looks like Larry the Cable Guy... no really. Ask Emily.) So today I have had my Shane & Shane and Bethany songs on shuffle on the old ipod. The only bad part is that I have to keep reminding myself that I'm at work and I'm not allowed to sing!! :)
Shane #1 (her hubby)

Shane #2 (aka Larry the Cable Guy #2)

"Oh Holy Night" from their upcoming CHRISTMAS ALBUM!!! WHOO HOOO!

How great? So great. :)


  1. SARAH. are you aware of how much i love love LOVE bethany dillon? i would have peed my pants. and shane and shane are just plain talented. oh my stars im so jealous. and, just free of no charge, my favorite bethany dillon song has become "Let Your Light Shine". listen close and the lyrics say, "Jesus wherever you need I'll sing harmony." love it. :)

  2. I've seen Shane and Shane too. They are harmonizing fools and I am always impressed when men sound that good. Sounds like an amazingly GREAT weekend!


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