Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Contest Results!

Well, I have officially gotten SEVEN comments for my first contest! (seven? let's count 'em! ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN, ooh sha boogedy boogedy boogedy ah, and ah, and ah and ah and ah - WHOOOO!) Well, it was really 6 entries... so let's see what people had to say for the question: What is the one kitchen item that you can't live without or think that I shouldn't live without?!?!

Alex: wooden spoons, stirrer spoons, cake display, and fun glasses
Jennifer: potato peeler
Becca: toaster oven
Alexis: kitchen scissors
Kristin: measuring cups/spoons, cookie sheets
Anna: toaster oven, plastic spoons, cutting board, electric can opener

Okay, so to be cool like the Pioneer Woman, I decided to go to random.org and have it generate a number between 1 and 6, so as not to be biased! And since there were 6 entries, I used the random dice. (I could have rolled my own dice, but who has dice just lying around - especially when I'm in a moving frenzy!!)

Okay, well if you can't tell what that is, it's one little dot - little miss Alex Walker is our winner!
Here are some answers from others (mostly work friends) who didn't participate in the contest, but gave great answers:
Louise: KitchenAid mixer (oh wait, Sarah, you don't really cook... okay then-), good, sharpened knives
Rachel T.: KitchenAid mixer (see above comment), measuring cups where the numbers are on the inside (so that you can see them from above and not lean down sideways)
Megan: a thin metal flipper (like a pancake flipper), (she had several, but I can't remember them all...)
Rachel K.: stir fry skillet
Thanks for your comments - I keep forgetting things like kitchen scissors... so this was super helpful! Keep checking back this week for updates on the move!! :)

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  1. woohoo! i didn't even know i won and totally asked not to be a part of it, but woohoo! you crack me up! i can't believe you got the internet to generate a number. you are great!


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