Monday, September 8, 2008

Wait, wait - I forgot the best part!

So in all the excitement of the last post (and because it was getting long) I forgot TOTALLY about Sunday - which was the best part! We went to Sunday school, church, and then lunch with Jason's family. Then there was a shower at the church for Becca and baby Kate! It was so exciting seeing all the cute stuff and thinking that in a month or so, she'll be here!! :)

Then I went up to Jason's house and he drove me all through the golf course on the golf cart. Haha! Now, that may not seem like tons of fun, but for me, it's like a step below a 4-wheeler, so that equals safe fun. We had a blast just riding around in the beautiful sunshine, laughing and being silly. He even tried to teach me how to skip a rock. Tried. Because I can't do it. But at least he tried, right?

We had a yummy dinner, made peanut butter oatmeal cookies, and watched Dan in Real Life. It was fun and I already can't wait until NEXT weekend!! :)

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  1. horray for wonderful weekends! this is wonderful!


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