Friday, September 13, 2013

My Fourth "Fix" - Stitch Fix Review

UPDATE: I just loved the first sweater! It was a keeper!! 
Can't wait for Fall weather so I can wear it!

I got my fourth "Fix" from Stitch Fix!! This was my favorite fix EVER!
 I was in trouble as soon as I opened the box - I loved almost everything!!

Okay friends. I am just going to put the pictures out there, and I want to hear from you!! 
Last time I made the decision on my own, and I wish I had asked your opinion first! :)

First pictures are with my phone in the mirror. 
2nd pictures are with the self-portrait camera and shows the colors/textures better.

RD Style Tiff Lurex Lined Knit Sweater

Papermoon Wynn Polka Dot Print Front Pocket Blouse

Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse

TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan

Rapti Pashmina Blend Scarf
Check out my previous fixes below or visit Stitch Fix to 
fill out your own personal profile and schedule your very own fix!!

Let me know what you think!!


  1. ok.... so, i think EVERY piece looks like you. but if i had to list them in order I'd tell you the first sweater that will go with ANYTHING seems like a no-brainer because it's so cute and looks so good and the last sweater with the big chunky black and white stripes is too cool to pass up. then i'd say that the sleeveless one looks like something i'd pick out for you because it's so cute and i know you'd wear it a million times but it's not anything especially different and special looking though you'd get good use out of it. lastly, i'd say that i love the polka dot one but i am having a hard time seeing how it fits you in that photo and of the four tops it's my least fav simply because of that one thing. if i saw it in person it might be my favorite, who knows. and the scarf... too cute of a color. do you need it... as in, would you wear it?

    1. Love your lengthy comment! I could totally hear you saying that - its like we were at a store together, trying stuff on! I went with the first sweater!! I totally agree, I felt like I could wear it with a lot, and it is a very cool texture! Love you sweet friend!

  2. I love the chevron cardigan and the polka dots! TOOOOOOO CUTE!

    1. Thanks Jordan!! I loved the polka dots too, but the 1st sweater won out! It felt so wonderful on, and I was already pairing it with other things in my closet.

      I would LOVE to see you do StitchFix because I have a feeling you have a lot more style than me!!

  3. I commented on Friday but it seems it didn't show up! I LOVE the first sweater. It complements your skin tone nicely and would be cute with orange accessories for game days. But, you look gorgeous in all of it!!

    1. Thanks Samantha!! That sweater is the one I kept!! I love it! Except for the price... And the washing instructions? Puh-leez. Ain't nobody got time to hand wash. :) I'm just planning not to sweat in it. Or have messy kids around it. That's doable, right? :) Haha! Love you!!

  4. Okay because I have a retail problem and try to find the look for less, and shop too much, here's my rundown:

    1. I love the contrast of the chevron-ish open sweater. I personally love wearing those and layering. not sure the price, but my friend that owns Hill City Boutique has a similar one for $34 with a more defined neckline. Not sure how that compares to SF price...? But this is a top contender.

    2. I have too many scarves and love them. Not sure price on that one, but the store we went to at the boutique sale has ones like that for $10 and they are in Hixson. Just a reminder :)

    3. I love polka dots, but the placement on of the pockets on that blouse would drive me nuts because I am OCD and I want it to match up the pattern. I'm weird. sorry.... but I could love it if someone besides me was wearing it, like you! A shirt similar to this is at TJM -- just saw it tonight, but it had looser sleeves.

    4. Open sleeve blouse (navy) is nice but not sure how often you would wear it in winter? I guess you could layer it with a cardigan, but it would need to be a longer cut cardigan or it would look off, I think.

    5. Grey sweater is cute and it looks comfy -- I am WEIRD about sweater textures and sometimes just don't want the heaviness during the winter. This one looks comfy though, but NOT sloppy, so it's my fave of this fix. Especially if you pair it with a scarf.

    Looking forward to seeing what you kept!

    1. I need to go to that store! I am ALL OVER $10 scarves! That's cheaper than F21!! :)

      I kept the first sweater! It is lightweight and beautiful!! Bring on Fall!


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