Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Life: Wedding Album Pt. 3

Alright, you finally made it! The 3rd and final installment of my Project Life: Wedding Album!! Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven't yet. 

I didn't take pictures of all 40 pages, of course, just gave you a sampling of a few of my favorite layouts. But hopefully it gets you excited about starting a mini album of your own! It's much less daunting than doing an entire Project Life album (that's supposed to cover a whole year). You could choose a favorite vacation, or do a baby book, or really anything! 

Okay, enough talk. 

Here is part 3 of our wedding album - The Reception & Send-Off:

I was lucky to still have like 20 programs from our wedding, so I cut up different parts and put them into our album. It seemed fitting to put our "Thank You" at the very end. 

I truly loved planning this album, putting it together, and now every time I flip through or share it with someone else, it's such a great feeling. Just getting the photos OFF the computer and into something. That's worth taking the time for. 

Alright. Who's going to be making a mini album? 

Check back next week to see one of my favorite layouts from my Project Life 2013 Album!

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