Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Project Life 2013: 3 - Miller's Visitors

These pages show just a few of the many visitors we had over the days that followed Miller's birth. I love the pictures of him with my Mamaw and both boys with the Cox grandparents.
One of my very favorite REAL LIFE pictures is the one on the bottom right. At this point, I was still sleeping in the nursery, and in the mornings, Jason would bring Jack in there to me and we would just lay there and watch Disney Jr. shows on my phone until I could pull myself out of bed. One morning, Jason took a picture - I look... like I just woke up and just had a baby. Amen? And sweet Jack just holding my phone like, "Can we get back to the show now?" This was an accurate depiction of exactly where we were at that moment. I love it.

What "real life" moment have you captured lately that wasn't exactly a glamor shot? :)

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