Thursday, April 10, 2008

I got my BOOK!

Hello dear friends and readers, (haha - I'm so formal)

I am soooooooooo excited/nervous about GRADUATING!!! :) I can't believe that 3 weeks from Sunday will be my college graduation. Wow. Seriously - didn't I just graduate high school? Filling out these invitations sure makes me feel like it was just yesterday. I bought a cap and gown ($57 - can we say RIDICULOUS?!?) but I think I'm going to take it back. Surely to goodness I can find SOMEONE to borrow their's and just buy a tassel, which I now know you can do, thanks to Alex. It's seriously so crazy to think that I'm graduating... and moving on. But to what? And how do I choose where my path goes?

That's where my new book comes in. I just started reading "The New Eve" by Robert Lewis. It's already shaken my heart and helped me to begin realizing my true purpose as a Godly woman. And through reading it, it's been put on my heart to lead a small group discussing the chapters and digging deep into what we (girls) want to do with our lives. I invited some of my CRU girls, but if you're interested in doing it too, we're going to try to either meet once a week for 10 weeks (starting in May or so) or twice a week for 5 weeks, depending on the consensus. BE PRAYING FOR THAT!!!

I'm babysitting today through Sunday and going to the Business School Leadership Banquet tomorrow night, so I have a BUSY weekend! But I'm looking forward to it all! :)

Now it's off to class. Whoop whoop. (only 9 more days, baby!)

(Oh, and 2 exams, 4 projects, and a presentation... in 9 days. Yeah.)


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