Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 4 - New Normal

Today was VERRRRRY uneventful, which is just about perfect around here, from what I can tell. No crazy nights (I actually slept pretty well!) and nothing crazy happened during the day either!

First thing this morning they put the baby on the monitor for 20-30 minutes to make sure her heartbeat was stable, and then it was off to our daily ultrasound. Everything continues to look great, so no news there!

Rachel came by and brought the TINIEST little preemie onesies and leggings. Oh my word. So tiny.
Lyndsay brought me a bag of books (the Wingfeather Saga!) and some yummy goodies!
And just now, Sarah R. came by for a break while she was on duty in the baby nursery. It was nice to just chit chat and hang out with all these sweet ladies today.

Tonight will be my first night by myself. Jason is going to get a REAL night's sleep at home and then go to work in the morning. I'd much rather him keep going to work now and save up his days off for when Grace is here. So, tomorrow will be the true day 1 of my "new normal". I have books, movies, blogging, music, essential oils, and scrapbooking stuff, so hopefully I will not get bored TOO quickly. We are just in a waiting game now.

Stay in there a little longer, Gracie Kate!!

Day 3 - Hospital Stay

Day 3 Update: Well, I'm still pregnant! smile emoticon I've had a good, easy day, but we had quite the eventful night, and I really expected that she was coming last night! 
I started having contractions around 2am that were fast and much stronger than any I'd experienced with the boys (they have told me since my water has already broken and I have very little fluid, that the contractions would be more painful). They checked me and I wasn't dilated which was good! After about1.5 hr of all that, they gave me some morphine to help with the pain and I passed out FAST (apparently so did Grace!). 
The next thing I remember was this morning around 8:30 them telling me it was time for my daily ultrasound! Grace looked great again and there have been no more issues/complications at all today. I have slept A TON because the meds wore me out! 
Oh, and I got to see the boys today!!! They came by this afternoon and were just little angels. Miller didn't quite know what to think about all of it and Jack asked several times when I was going to be done at the hospital, but they are both thrilled to be spending lots of quality time with their grandparents right now.
Sweet babies.

Jason explaining what all the cords and wires go to.

Thank you for your continued prayers! We made it through the first 48 hours so now she has that extra lung development/support that they wanted her to have, and at this point, even if she came tonight, I am HAPPY that she will be a March baby and not a February baby!! tongue emoticon

Day 2 - Hospital Stay

Update: First of all, thank you so much for your prayers and outpouring of love! We are so blessed to have such a strong community of friends and family supporting us. 
I am still pregnant!! This is good! I will be here until delivery, whether that is tomorrow or in 4 weeks (but no longer than 34 weeks). They were able to stop my contractions yesterday and I've just had a few sporadic ones this morning, so that is all good. 
Baby Grace's heartbeat is strong and we'll get to see her on ultrasound later today. And I just got a yummy breakfast tray!! Woo! I think that's all for now! 
(Oh, I still have no voice and a hacking cough. Which is awesome. So you can be praying for those little extras as well. )
We got to FaceTime with boys while they were at Grammy and Papa's house. 

30 Weeks Pregnant - Day 1 in the Hospital

Well, this has been a wild morning! My water broke at 7am and I started having contractions shortly after. I'm 30 weeks today, so little miss Grace is trying to make a reeeeally early appearance. 

The goal is to keep me pregnant for 48 more hours so that the baby will get the steroid and have a little more time for lung development. My contractions have slowed down some and I'm not in a ton of pain. We are just in waiting mode right now!

God has had His hands around our precious Grace from the very beginning, and we know that none of this is coming as a surprise to Him.  We appreciate your prayers as we wait!

"Popsicle #5. Thankful for popsicles, praying for broth & jello, contractions have stopped ��, still have NO VOICE and can only whisper, God is good and Grace is safe." 
"Food, blessed food!! A pb&j, fruit cup, animal crackers, and Sprite. It made me SOOOO happy to see it, but honestly, I can hardly eat it. (Magnesium does some weird and woozy things to me!!)" 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby #3 Update & Gender Reveal

We haven't had too much to report on the status of the subchorionic hematoma, just that it was still there and sloooooowly getting smaller. Well, today at my 18 week appointment, we found out that the clot is smaller and the doctor said not to worry too much about it anymore! Praise the Lord!!! I'm finally at a place where I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief!

We also found out...

We are so thrilled!! Jack has been saying that the baby is a sister from the very beginning, so while he was very excited, he wasn't at all surprised. He has said that if the baby is a girl, he wants to name her Mater Sullivan (Mater from Cars, and Sullivan from Monsters Inc.). He has been given the go-ahead to call her Mater if he wants, but sorry honey, that is not going on the birth certificate! :)

We are just happy, shocked, excited, and relieved to know that our sweet baby GIRL has made it this far and looks like she will continue to be healthy and strong! Thank you for praying with us over the last 8 weeks. We know that the Lord held her close and kept her safe for us. 

A GIRL!!! AHHH!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life Currently and What the Heck is a SCH?!

First of all, HIIIIIII!!!! I won't even begin to try to update you on the last 10 months since my final post. Let's just start with where we are right now.

Yup! You read correctly! We are expecting another blessing in May 2015! My big boys are looking forward to being big brothers. Jack turned 3 in July and Miller will be 20 months this weekend (they will be 2 and almost 4 when Baby comes).

We found out I was pregnant a few days before leaving for Disney World, which is just hilarious because that's what happened LAST TIME! I am 11 weeks today and everything so far has been smooth sailing.

Three weeks ago we had our first ultrasound and announced to the world that we were expecting! Our doctor showed us a small, dime-sized spot on one of our ultrasound pictures and said that it was blood and that I might experience some light spotting over the next few weeks, but it was nothing to be worried about.

Monday evening I had a sudden feeling that I had started my period, rushed to the bathroom to discover that I was bleeding a lot. Jason had just left to go work out, so I called him panicked and he came home right away. This was not light spotting! I was very nervous and worried about our sweet baby. We ended up going to the ER and an ultrasound revealed that the baby was doing fine! Strong heartbeat, punching and kicking - the doctor's words were "Looks like he's doing fetal Crossfit in there!" which was hilarious. What a relief!

The next day, Tuesday, we had a follow up appointment with my doctor, and I really hadn't prepared myself for anything negative, since everything looked so good on the ultrasound the night before. She did another u/s and showed us a large dark spot on the monitor. She said it was a subchorionic hematoma (SCH), like the small sac of blood from before, but this one was much larger. It was actually the same size as the gestational sac which concerned the doctor. She said if it were to all come out at once, it would be like passing a blood clot the size of a baseball. Okay, doc, you've got my attention. There is nothing they can do because anything they would attempt could do more harm to the baby than good. The only option is just to wait, monitor, and pray. Which our doctor did with us, right there in the room. 

We put out a Facebook update after our appointment Tuesday, asking for prayers from our family and friends. The outpouring of love we have received has been overwhelming. 

So that is where we are right now. We will go back on Wednesday for another ultrasound. The BEST case scenario is that the SCH absorbs and the baby continues to grow and thrive as normal. Other options are that I will have episodes of bleeding as the SCH releases, and the alternative, I will not let myself dwell on too much. I know there is a chance I won't ever get to hold this baby, but my sweet friend Emily told me to take it a day at a time and think "I'm pregnant today and I love this baby." 

Please keep our family in your prayers and we are asking God for a miracle!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 and Goodbye Blog

Yes, you read right. I'm hanging up the towel on the 'ol blog for now. 

Blogging hasn't been high on my priority list lately, but then I would feel guilty when I went so long without posting. This is self-induced guilt, I know, but I just need to make a clean break for now. 

I have written almost 1,000 posts over a span of 6 years. I've documented single life, dating, engagement, marriage, baby #1, and baby #2 - and I've LOVED doing it! But now my days are full of diapers, dishes, and dirty clothes; games, giggles, and Goldfish.

I could make time, but right now there are just other things needing my attention.

I will still be around on Facebook and Instagram, so follow me there if you want to keep up with the happenings of our family!


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