Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 9

This morning started out with more monitoring (good as usual) and an ultrasound (good as usual). 

Then Blair came by and we got to chit-chat about all the craziness that has happened in the past 9 days. :) Then mom brought the boys and we took some mail down to the post office area and Jack mailed it for me! He was very proud. 

Me and Miller-man on a ride (with pah-bye & blanket, of course). 

After the boys left, I took a nap, and then informed my nurse that my stomach had been feeling a little different. I knew I wasn't having contractions (I know what those feel like), but it was just some pressure and uncomfortable-ness. A tender stomach is one of the signs of infection, so they quickly took my temperature (normal) and checked Grace's heartbeat (normal). Then they took some blood to check that and see if anything was off. 

At this point Vanessa came to rescue me from the fish dinner (bleh) that I had somehow managed to order for myself from the cafeteria. So we wheeled down to Subway while they were testing my blood and when we got back up to the nurses station, Cara said that my levels were slightly elevated, so they would keep a close watch on me, but that it wasn't anything urgent at this point. 

Right now I'm waiting to be monitored and check all my vitals at 11, then the nurse is going to come at like 3 or 4am and check my temp, just to make sure it doesn't spike in the night or anything. The potential for infection is very scary - like, if any one of these things changes, they will induce/prepare me for c-section immediately. 

I'm not worried right now because I'm not feeling sick, just the stomach pressure stuff. Aaaaand the fact that Grace will not stop wiggling around! I'm thankful for some movement, but girlfriend - please stop the aerobics. 

Praying for an uneventful night!! :)

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