Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 11

This morning at my daily ultrasound, I was joking with the tech, saying that it's too bad I get daily ultrasounds but Grace's head is too low to see a good profile or anything! Just about all I've learned each day is "Yup - there's her bladder. It's full." :)

There was another tech that she was teaching, so they spent like 15 minutes getting all these pictures of Gracie girl! This one is of her profile looking up, and she had her little hand above her mouth. She kept sucking on her fingers and sticking her tongue out! It was SO FUN to see her! It's the most I've seen her face in months. It made it that much more real that she's going to be here soon!
They were also able to find a large pocket of fluid this morning! The pockets they have found this week have been either 1.2 or 1.8 which 1.2 is the lowest level while still being okay, and 1.8 was a great number. The pocket they found today was 3.1!! That was really good news to the doctor that I seem to be retaining a little more fluid.

After my ultrasound, I ate breakfast, grabbed a quick shower and then watched church online. Technology is so amazing that even though I'm stuck here, I'm able to connect with my church family. :)

Then the boys came by! Sweet little stinkers. 

We went for a looooning stroll all over the hospital. I love this picture. When I look back at this season before Grace, I think this picture is one I will cherish.


We went outside for a few minutes and it was GORGEOUS!! It had been like 5 days since I'd been outside. Maybe longer.

Then Hunter, Liz, and John Luke came by! These little cousins are silly gooses. 


And oh, Timehop. Reminding me that 2 years ago, I took my first solo trip to CFA with both the boys, and oh my word look how tiny Miller man was!!

Alright so here are some specific things you guys can be praying for. I will be 32 weeks on Thursday and they will be checking to see if her lungs are developed. If they are, they will go ahead and induce and we will be having a baby THIS WEEK! If they are not mature, they will wait another week and test again. I don't know if I hope she comes this week or if I hope she gets to bake for one more week. I just pray that whatever the Lord has for Grace, that He would make it completely clear to us. 

We are going to try to get a tour of the NICU either tomorrow or Tuesday, so that we're a little more familiar with the next phase of our hospital time. The Lord has been so faithful to give us peace at every stage so far in this pregnancy, and I know that He will carry us through the ones to come. 

Thank you for your prayers!!

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