Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 4 - New Normal

Today was VERRRRRY uneventful, which is just about perfect around here, from what I can tell. No crazy nights (I actually slept pretty well!) and nothing crazy happened during the day either!

First thing this morning they put the baby on the monitor for 20-30 minutes to make sure her heartbeat was stable, and then it was off to our daily ultrasound. Everything continues to look great, so no news there!

Rachel came by and brought the TINIEST little preemie onesies and leggings. Oh my word. So tiny.
Lyndsay brought me a bag of books (the Wingfeather Saga!) and some yummy goodies!
And just now, Sarah R. came by for a break while she was on duty in the baby nursery. It was nice to just chit chat and hang out with all these sweet ladies today.

Tonight will be my first night by myself. Jason is going to get a REAL night's sleep at home and then go to work in the morning. I'd much rather him keep going to work now and save up his days off for when Grace is here. So, tomorrow will be the true day 1 of my "new normal". I have books, movies, blogging, music, essential oils, and scrapbooking stuff, so hopefully I will not get bored TOO quickly. We are just in a waiting game now.

Stay in there a little longer, Gracie Kate!!

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