Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Very First "Fix" - Stitch Fix Review

Have you heard about StitchFix? I have been looking forward to getting my first one in the mail!

Basically, after you fill out a fun Style Profile, your personal stylist picks out 5 items specifically for you and mails them to your house! You pay $20 for a styling fee, and then that $20 goes towards any purchase you make from your Fix.

I actually REALLY liked everything I got! This flowy top is not something I would usually pick out for myself, but (even pregnant) it looked really cute on! 

Each piece comes with a card showing you ways to pair it with things you already have! So smart!!

I LOVED these polka dot cropped jeans!! How adorable! I knew they wouldn't fit - hello, I'm 34 weeks pregnant (which I didn't mention in my style profile because I was afraid they would send me moo-moos/I'm so close to the end, I don't want any more maternity clothes), but I think they would have been too small for me non-pregnant too. Very cute idea though - polka dot jeans! Who knew?

And this dress... A belted a-line dress! The fabric was heavier than I expected (in a good way) and I liked how this one looked on me too, but again... the belly was pretty ridiculous on this one. I looked like a GOOFBALL. But even without the belly, this one would have been too short on me. It needed at least 3-4 more inches for me to feel comfortable in it (non-pregnant).

And this gem. This was my FAVORITE PIECE!! Again, not something I would immediately gravitate towards at the store, but I LOVED it. The sleeves, the no fuss flowy-ness of it. It was super cute! EVEN pregnant!! (It's the only piece I got a picture in, I'll show you in just a second.)

The 5th piece was this "long horse bit link necklace" which I really liked too!

So here's a picture of me in this top!
How in the WORLD do people take such awesome pictures of themselves for these kinds of posts? I have NOWHERE in my house that has a good mirror for this kind of stuff. And by the time my hubby gets home at night, it's too dark to take pictures. So... a couple blurry shots in front of the mirror in the new big boy room was as good as I could do!


Okay, so here's my opinion on all of it! It was so fun to try on different pieces that I wouldn't have normally picked out myself. And like I said, I really liked how most of it looked on me! BUT.... the least expensive piece in my Fix was $48. I already paid $20 which would go towards that price, but the piece I really wanted (that top, of course) was $58, and I truly couldn't justify spending that much on ONE thing. 

(Especially since I just got back from the outlet malls and hardly bought anything for myself because things were "too expensive"... like $15-20 for a shirt... yeah, I'm not spending $60 thankyouverymuch.

So all in all, do I think I'll do it again? Maybe this summer after I've lost some baby weight, and want to treat myself to something fun. Or if one of you decides to sign up, I would get a $25 credit, so in that case I would definitely try it again! I think compared to boutique prices, and higher end places "regular prices", these prices are probably normal, but I tend to be someone who only shops the sales racks these days.

Anyway, I was REALLY excited to try StitchFix, and I'm glad that I did!!


  1. Oh that looks fun! I really like the Snaffle Bit necklace! I have a bracelet that would match it!

    1. You should try it, Sam!! I loved filling out the style profile, and then seeing what they thought would look good on me! It was worth it to do at least once! :)

  2. Question... Did you check the cheapest option? And they still sent you a top that expensive?

    1. Yes, I DID do the least expensive! I know Emily got something that was $30 in her Fix, but she wasn't crazy about it, so she didn't get it. I left comments that it was too expensive for me, so maybe they'll respond? I'll let you know. :)

  3. What brand are those polka dot jeans?? I like that they are still "jean" color but have the lighter dots! But if they are truly skinny jeans, then I won't like them because I'll need a size 22. HAHAHA

    1. The description for the jeans is "Kensie Bay Polka Dot Cropped Skinny Jeans". I liked them a lot too, but YES, they are definitely skinny jeans - like suck to your SKIN tight. Haha!

    2. Yeah, then X those. Haha. I'll be your StitichFix Personal Shopper -- I will have plenty of time on my hands soon! ;)


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