Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Went to Jamaica!!!

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To celebrate Jason's MBA graduation and as a "Babymoon" before Little Brother comes, we decided to go to Jamaica!!!!

We got up super early on Wednesday, December 19th and left out of Chattanooga, stopping in Charlotte, NC, and headed on our way to Montego Bay, Jamaica!!!! 

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called Secrets St. James at Montego Bay, and it was AMAZING!!! The resort was lovely and not over-crowded, the beaches and pool area were beautiful, AND the food was awesome (my biggest complaint about the all-inclusive we went to in the Dominican Republic). 

We spent our days lounging by the ocean and the pool - ahhh... what better way to spend our kid-free time? There was a great reef within swimming distance of the beach area where we set up shop, so Jason was in heaven, just swimming out to the reef for 30-45 minutes or more at a time. He said he saw lots of beautiful fish, including a big puffer fish!

MY days were spent reading, reading, and reading. You guys - I read FIVE books in FIVE days!!! My dream vacation - for real. 

God is so good. This place was BEAUTIFUL!

Jason was off taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and snuck this one of me - you guessed it - READING! (I'm in the very center of the picture.)


dinner date at Bordeaux - French restaurant

before our dinner at Portofino - Italian restaurant

Our last full day - lounging by the pool. This was the day I decided to be brave and wear a two-piece! Haha!! I was 28 weeks at the time. :) It was super windy that day, which was nice because we never got too hot, but bad because I didn't put enough sunscreen on and got a little burned! Whoops!!

My favorite picture from the whole trip. This. Is. The. Life. 

There was this guy that made jerk chicken on a rolling grill - it was FANTASTIC!! Mmmmm... you could just go up and get it - all-inclusive at it's finest. Between that and all the non-alcoholic drinks I had (strawberry daquiris, pina coladas, etc.), I was one happy mama. :)

Our beautiful room!! 
I should have remembered to take pictures right after room service, but alas, my brain was elsewhere.


beautiful balcony view

looking back inside from the balcony

big soaking tub and open area bathroom

And this last picture was just because it's so funny that $100 USD got us over $7,000 in Jamaican money, so these are some $1,000 dollar bills before we exchanged them. 

We left on Sunday, December 23rd and couldn't get home fast enough to our little boy! He cried when he saw us, like he just realize we were gone, but after a few minutes, he was all smiles and hugs. Both sets of grandparents said he was an angel the whole time (2 nights at the Guins, 2 nights at the Millers)! That's our sweet boy!! 

We are SO GLAD we decided to take this trip. It was really hard to leave Jack for 4 nights, but it was definitely worth it. We felt relaxed and refreshed and came back in time to celebrate Christmas with all of our families! 

Now we are counting down the weeks until Little Brother 
arrives and we become a family of 4!! (Only 9 weeks to go!!)


  1. It looks like such an amazing and relaxing trip. So glad you had fun.

    1. Thanks Kim! It was definitely what the doctor ordered!! :) Hope you guys are feeling better over there!


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