Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby #2: 31 Weeks Pregnant

This is the part where I totally beat myself up for not keeping up with weekly pregnancy updates, but I'm going to give myself some grace here and just move on!!

This week I am 31 weeks pregnant with Little Brother!! 
Looooovely wet-hair-in-a-bun picture for ya. If I waited until things were perfect, it would never happen... kinda like it hasn't happened for the last 20 weeks...

*Little Brother is about 16in long, weighing between 3-4 pounds!
*I have gained 17lbs so far, which is 1lb+ more than where I was with Jack at 31 weeks
*Overall I'm feeling good! No major ailments to speak of, just tired and sore, especially in the late evening and early morning.
*I'm doing my best to take a little nap in the afternoon when Jack is napping, so that I'm not a total monster by the time Jason gets home. :)
*We're working on getting the Big Boy Room ready for Jack to move into, then later on, Little Brother will join him! BROTHERS!!

Can't wait!!!! :)

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