Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Design Update

Those of you checking out the blog in Reader (that's how I read blogs too!) will have to stop by the actual blog today! I've been working hard on a redesign/re-vamp and am finally at a stopping point! 

Same overall look and feel, but updated with some fun new things! Starting with a new name! 

Y'all remember back in May when I had to change my blog name due to trademark infringement? Well, I've had a few name changes since then, but nothing has felt personal enough to last and I didn't want a forgettable or cliched title. "Gooey" has always stuck with me as a fun nickname from my maiden name, and "SKilLs" is a play on my married initials "SKL". Hopefully it's just weird enough for you to remember it!

I've also created a spiffy new rotating picture header! Sweeeeet!! But don't ask me how I did it because I'm pretty sure I did it wrong 800 times and 1 time it just happened to work. Yeesh...

And I've got some fun new side buttons for you to check out, so go do that!!

My next big blog project is to take new "After" pictures for all of the renovated rooms in our house. Seriously - I never did a reveal of our (formerly pink) hallway bathroom! WHAT?! And pretty much every room except for our master bedroom looks different today than what is on the Our House Tour tab, so yeah - it's time for an update.

Well, what do you think? I know it's not drastic, but hopefully the changes I made will help you navigate the blog more easily - and I just plain like it! 

Now on to my Pinterest boards! 
(Just kidding. But they need it.)

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