Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Blog Formerly Known as the OG Daily News

Well, who knew it would ever happen, but I have been formally asked to change my blog title. Crazy, right? Turns out "Ooey Gooey" is a trademarked phrase... I had no idea! for the time being my blog title is "the Blog Formerly Known as the OG Daily News". 

(unfortunately, I can't change the title in Reader, 
so if you are reading there, it may still say the old name;
and also, the blog address will stay the same)

Luckily the lady who asked me to change it was super sweet, so it's all good.
If she had been mean, I might be more upset. :)

But this gives me a fantastic opportunity! 
I'm asking YOU GUYS to help me come up with a new blog title! 

And there will be a very exciting prize if I pick your suggestion!

Ready and GO! :) Can't wait to hear any and ALL suggestions!


  1. -the always newlyweds
    -love, marraige, & a baby carriage
    -the gooey ooey daily news
    -the OG (like the OC)
    -domesticating sarah
    -man & wife + one
    -the chronicles of SGL
    -the lawhorn chronicles

  2. -wedded bliss
    -when life throws you...
    -each day to the fullest
    -everyday lawhorn
    -everyday sarah

  3. -keeping up with the lawhorns
    -modern day sarah
    -life in action
    -chatt town momma

  4. -llama llama mamma (thought jack might like that one)
    -the adventures of sgl and the gang

    1. Blair! Thank you for all your awesome suggestions!! :)

    2. And if Llama Llama Mama wouldn't get me in trouble later, that would definitely be in the running! (crazy I have to think about the future implications now!)

    3. fond this website:

      you can search to see if anything is trademarked.

  5. Ooey gooey is trademarked? Who knew?!

  6. -Loving Life as a Lawhorn
    -Sarah & Company
    -Consider it Joy
    -All Things Lawhorn (like All Things Considered)
    -A Random Sarah
    -Lawhorn Living (like Southern Living)
    -Sarah's Crew
    -Me + He = Three

    1. Thanks for all your suggestions Rach!


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