Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DA BEEEEEACH! - Amelia Island '12

This weekend we made a fun and spontaneous trip to Amelia Island! We stayed at the Amelia Island Plantation two years ago for Memorial Day so we thought it would be fun to go back with Jack! :)

Family photo on the beach - a sweet lady offered to take a couple and this was the best one. You will notice a theme in pictures of the three of us from this trip... we couldn't quite catch a smile at the right time from the little man.

We loaded him up with sunscreen, but forgot to bring a hat for Jack, so Jason tried to fashion a turban out of his t-shirt. Jack wouldn't have it! 



He really didn't care for it, to be honest. He thought the wet sand felt weird and he was NOT A FAN of the water rushing above his ankles. Needless to say, we didn't spend long in the ocean on Saturday. :)

We got a super cool float with a sun visor for the pool!

Again, he doesn't look happy, but he really enjoyed the pool!

After a lovely nap, we headed to the downtown area.

There was a cool pirate-looking ship in the harbor!

Our little pirate with his little pirate doll in front of the BIG pirate ship!

For dinner that night, we ate at the Falcon's Nest where we had REALLY enjoyed our dinner last time, and this time it was... kinda gross. Which was a huge bummer. 

Dessert was awesome though!! And this picture cracks me up. 

The next day we went out for breakfast at Ms. Carolyn's and had to wait OVER AN HOUR to be seated!! AHHHH!! It was really yummy when we finally did get to eat (but it's got nothing on Lillie Mae's!). Since we didn't get to eat until close to 12, we considered it brunch and didn't eat lunch out anywhere. (Little did we know that this would be our last meal on the island.)

We were informed that a tropical storm was on it's way to our area. So we changed our plans from leaving early Monday to leaving late Sunday. THEN because it was pretty gross all day, we ended up leaving at 4pm Sunday afternoon. Which was sad, but definitely a good thing since the storm hit, and hit hard!

Here's a video of our little adventure at the pool, then a couple pictures from our balcony. 

We really had a great time! We wish it would have been a little longer but at least we got to go!

Another hilarious photo, that I love. :)
We listened to this book on the way down and part of this book on the way back.

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